Monday, March 8


Poor Tom Servo. 2 weeks ago, Mystery Science Theater 3000, the greatest show in television history, went off the air for good. They will be missed.

In regards to my upcoming wedding in June, I'm planning on changing my last name back to Zeinert. So, my question is, how does the name Ryan Zeinert sound? I need opinions here. At the very least, I'll know for sure that my kids will always get to sit in the back row in school. I always had to sit in the middle, which was terrifying for me. I need to sit where I can see everything, and nothing is behind me. When I go out to eat I need to sit in a corner or up against the wall. I fear assassination attempts. Screw having people look at me when I don't know it. Enough of this.

Go Kentucky Wildcats!


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