Monday, March 15

Punching Out.

First and foremost, a thank you is in order. I've noticed that this page has been receiving about 15 hits a day, for an average visiting time of 5 minutes per hit. That means people are checking this page out, and they are taking the time to read it at a rate of twice as much as last month. Thanks for showing up, thanks for coming back, and thanks for telling people about it. As a reward, here's a picture of Dick Cheney clotheslining an aide:

Courtesy of the Onion. I hope you enjoy it.

Moving on, in keeping in the spirit of more pictures and less talk (I plan to convert to a 100% photo format by June), here are a few pictures of Celia's last day of work at the Department Of Revenue. Her last day was on Friday, and she now calls the Dane County Job Center her place of employment. Good for her.

Everyone seems happy and content at the DOR. And, hey, look at this!

I'm really glad that Jason Alexander found work after KFC fired him from their commercials. And he has chocolates.


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