Monday, May 3

Albino Rhino.

Last week was fun and busy, but I'm glad it's over.

First, the business. We sent out all the wedding dinner invitations, I took care of all my out-of-house errands, and I changed my name. We also got all the RSVP's back for the actual wedding except for Cassie + Dustin. They had over 4 months to get back to us, so in my opinion, they have no excuse. Celia insists we give them more time, and I want to give up their room to someone else. Of course we will wait, but I'm pissed, and I hope they know it. Celia bent over backwards to do her part for Cassie's wedding, and all we needed from them was a 10 second phone call, and they fell through. Not only that, but Cassie had the nerve to take an attitude with Celia. That's bullshit, and I'm furious about it. But enough commentary for now.

We went to the zoo this weekend! Me, Celia, Ben and Sherry spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the Henry Vilas Zoo, here in Madison.

I could show you all the nice pictures, but I'm sure you know what a Zebu looks like, and nothing there was as great as Tinker is. But I will show you a picture of Ben and Sherry measuring up to the primate family.

My script will hopefully be finished by the end of the week, and I have more job interviews on Thursday and Friday. Don't forget to stop by Celia's blog, because it's been completely revamped. Say hello, and cheer her up at work.


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