Wednesday, May 12

New Wave Jacket!

Hello there, we're the Polysics! We're just taking a break from being the coolest band in the world to stop by our favorite American site, Communist Dance Party!

We really hope that you can see the above picture of us. Ryan really wants you to be able to see it too. In fact, if you can't see our picture, Ryan might hang himself. So unless you want Ryan to end his life tonight, leave a comment as to if you can see our picture or not. It will mean a lot to us and Ryan.

Have a great day!

(EDIT: The image worked, so my new image host works! Expect new images up and working from now on. As for the old archive stuff, well you're just going to have to imagine how funny they were with pictures. Be creative! Pretend the red X's and Angelfire logos are point of view pictures of me or some stationary object. You didn't miss much.)

Picture = A-OK.
Picture=highly visible.
Fantastic! Expect the pictures to be back soon!

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