Wednesday, June 9

Bring Your Mitten Clips.

Here's the new format, ya' big babies. Make sure you leave me a comment about it, no matter what you have to say. If something isn't working right, or something isn't to your liking, PLEASE let me know so I can fix it. I want to make absolutely certain that this is the last time I do this, because it's way more work than I can handle, and I'd like to get back to other topics besides, "here's the new format!"

The new and improved links will be here tomorrow, and that will pretty much bring everything back up to speed. But again, if you see something you don't like, or you don't see something you DO like, leave me a comment and I'll take care of it.

Can I go to bed now?

I find it less offensive than the other format.
Is anything out of place? Do the images and archives work on your computer? Does something rub you the wrong way that you want me to fix? Any design improvements that could be made?
Looks good to me. But then again, it looked good to me before too. Whatever.

What is 897? Cuz it's plastered all over the background....
I thought it looked fine the last time, too. But people were vocal on their opinions of the small font and the "circles". I like this format, and I don't plan to change it anymore.

Wouldn't you like to know what 897 means? Me too. I don't mind it though, it's just decoration.
I bet that it's a code for a white Supremacist group and you're just pretending not to know. I always knew what you were all about...
You blog looks very nice! I like the color scheme!
Thank you, lil' lady.

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