Tuesday, July 27

SKA-mmunist Dance Party!

Where are you going to be Wednesday night, hmm? Back-to-school shopping? Catching up on your housekeeping? Drinking an entire box of wine by yourself? Well, have fun.

But I'll be rocking out old school with Reel Big Fish, Catch-22 and the RX Bandits in Oshkosh. The show starts at 5, and it's 5 bucks. Come on! Dust off your comfortable skanking shoes and those sunglasses with the checkerboard pattern on them. Stop by and share a dance with me; I'll buy you a drink.

Who knows? This might finally be the night I beat the crap out of a jock who likes to push women around. Or at least stab 'em in the kidney. Probably the latter.

Ryan, YOU are the one that had those sunglasses with the checkers on them!
You're damn right I did, and I still do. I plan to be decked out with my shades and oversized bowling shirt. I will finish the attire with my Doc Martins and liberty spikes.

Shortly thereafter, I will get divorced.

Maybe I'll just stick to the tight shirt and jeans, with emo glasses and bowling shoes. Looking back, emo fashion is much prettier than ska fashion. This way, you can see my nipples if it's cold enough.
Tight black shirt, semi tight jeans....dark framed glasses....dark hair.....thin build.....someone wipe the drool off my mouth. haha!

The show was great. Catch-22 put on as good of a show as they could have, Rx Bandits sort of dissappointed me, and Reel Big Fish brought the house down as usual. The only setback was they didn't have enough time to play an encore. I'm at work right now, and I don't feel as lagged as I thought I would.

Aaron, did you see RBF's set? Here's what they played:
(In no particular order)
Take On Me
Sell Out
Join The Club
Everything Sucks
She Has A Girlfriend Now
The Set-Up
Thank You For Not Moshing
I Want Your Girlfriend To Be My Girlfriend Too
Ban The Tube Top
Cheer Up
Where Have You Been?
Dateless Losers
Brand New Hero
(mabye a couple others, I'm not entirely sure)

I hope you and Seth had a safe drive home last night. Hell, I hope anyone around you had a safe drive home.
Yes, it was...er...wonderful. Show of a, um, lifetime....
Here we go again...
well, if you can continue to go on and on about how life-shatteringly amazing it was, I can at least bring some perspective to the argument.
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