Tuesday, September 14

Bat Boy Sez...


The polls are open tonight, go there while you still can. This isn't as massive as the November elections will be, but it never hurts to know what you're doing. Check it out. If you don't know who to vote for, write in Charles Bronson or the hecklers from the Muppet Show. It's fun. It's your right!

Blauuughhhhh! Grauuuughhh! Feingold!!!! RAHHHH!
-Bat Boy
Well said, Bat Boy!

You get a fish head.
My guy Tom Hebl lost, so I am turned off to the voting procedure. I will never vote again!

At least Russ Darrow lost, huh?
Honestly, all I cared about yesterday was Russ Darrow losing, so I'm happy.

My main guys are Feingold + Kerry, so that's all I'm really pushing for. But I'm pushing for them with everything I've got, so it's very important to me.

Check out Thepavers.com

Scott has some insightful things to say on this topic. I was going to copy and paste it, but it was too long. here is a snipet.

It has been decided by an act of congress (dated 09/01/2004) that, in an effort to avoid the same confusion that took place at the polls during the general elections of 2000, the 2004 presidential election will be held on two consecutive days. Those planning to vote for the Kerry- Edwards ticket are to report to the their designated polling place and cast their vote on Tuesday, November 2. Those wishing to vote for the Bush- Cheney ticket are to report on Wednesday, November 3. I repeat; vote Kerry on Nov.2 and Bush on Nov.3. That is all.

Well, take care and I hope to see you soon…………….Scott R.

That was a great Scott R rant. I encourage everyone to go to thepavers.com and check it out.
I get jokes!
Yeah, jokes are the bee's knees.

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