Friday, October 8

Haiku Friday.

Work week is over
Punch out to your comfy home
Watch television.

God bless the weekend
Ending five days of sadness
Two days to sleep late.

Friday night debate
Decides the Free World Leader
Don't forget to vote.

Tickets for Green Day
Reaching at least thirty bucks
I'm not a Nimrod.

British citizen
Three hostages beheaded
Who do you trust now?

Five syllable line
Now seven syllable line
Five syllable line.

Note the formatting
Italics make it look like
I have things to say.

Blabba-blabba doo
Egotistical drivel
Stop the reading now.

(Editor's note: Ryan hasn't slept in 4 days, and recently drank a quart of suntan lotion. He should be back to his normal self in a few weeks. On Saturday morning, he plans to go to UW-Madison to take an exam so he can get promoted at work. On Sunday, he plans on watching Baseball and finally straightening out his apartment. On Monday, he plans on leaving work early to sit at Lambeau Field in the pouring rain, watching the Packers lose again. On Tuesday, he plans on calling in sick. Here's to a great weekend.)

Big boys that can sit in the rain watching the Packers lose, can make it to work the next day!
No deal.
Well, that's assuming that Ryan IS a big boy...
Which I am most certainly not.

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