Friday, November 12

Scott Peterson Guilty.

Rot in Hell, buddy!

Discuss creative ways to dispose of this guy in the comments section.

I used to be an advocate of the death penalty, but now I say let him think about what he did for the rest of his life in prison. He should get ass-raped a bunch of times for killing his wife and unborn child.
On Weekend Update, they said that "it was up to the jury to decide if he'll get raped by prisoners or by satan".

I couldn't have said it better myself, but I'll try.

Unlike a lot of Liberals, I still believe that there is a place for the death penalty in American justice. However, it should only be an option when there is absolutely no doubt of guilt concerning a crime of extreme malice.

In this case, I would have to agree with Sherry. As much as I'd like to hook the smug prick up to the IV myself, it just shouldn't happen. The cops bungled the scene, they never even established what the murder weapon was, and 2 jurors had to be dismissed in the last leg of the trial.

We know he did it, he was convicted, and he deserves what he has coming to him. Personally, a death sentence would be too easy a way out anyhow.

I wonder if he'll think it was all worth it to be single again, as he's packing his rectum with broken glass to avoid the next molester. (An a side note, Laci was smoking hot, and his "mistress" looked like she had been punched awake. Way to go, Scott!)
Yep, I think he deserves a million weens in the butt for what he did...maybe he'd like that, though.
Maybe that was his big secret. Instead of just ditching Laci for the "single life", perhaps he wanted the tender caress of a beefy man.

Did I mention how pretty Laci was? Now imagine her, decomposed and headless with her unborn child cut out of her stomach. Now imagine what you'd like to do to the guy who put her through that because he wasn't man enough to leave her.

Prison's going to be a blast, Scott.

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