Monday, December 13

Peterson Sentenced To Death.

Well, sucks to be him. Hey, I wonder if there's a lot of prison rape on death row?

I honestly didn't think they would sentence him to death, but it's certainly not going to keep me up at night, either. This crime will never be justified, and it seems like the jury had this guy's number from day one. I'm sure he'll die on death row anyways, like 70% of inmates do. He seems to be the type that would kill himself in his cell. Heck, I'm making a prediction. I bet you that Scott Peterson kills himself before the state of California can do it for him.

Any takers?

YEAAAAH!!!!! (To be said as Howard Dean)
Your thirst for blood is strong.
There's something about the title of your post, "Peterson sentenced to death." Every time I come to your page and read it, I lose interest somewhere in the middle of the word "Peterson" and I read "Person sentenced to death." Then, EVERY SINGLE TIME, I think, "What an odd title. I wonder who it is?" Then it occurs to me that it says Peterson and the process begins again.
I never thought I'd meet someone with an attention span shorter than mine, but there you are.

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