Thursday, February 3

I Won't Remember Anyone Anymore.

I'll make this quick, because I'm tired.

The Streetlight Manifesto/VGS show on Tuesday was fantastic. Mad Planet is a small venue, and the kids were respectful to each other and full of energy. It was the kind of show I remember going to years ago, free of egos and shoegazers. Everyone from the front to the back was shaking their asses. Way to go, Milwaukee. You suck a bit less now as a whole.

Speaking of which, me and Benjamin were all but planted in the worst part of the city when I mistakenly thought I knew where the hell I was. It's a good thing we made the choice to run back to our car like scared crackers, because we were parked a good 3 miles from the venue. I'm an idiot.

This weekend, I'll be catching up on some new cartoons and making sure everything is up to date around the house (bills, cleaning, etc.). We have nothing planned, and I intend to keep it that way. I bought a new GBA game (Super Mario World 2), and have plenty of books to catch up on (including a fantastic encyclopedia of serial killers Ben got me). This is the furthest I will be extending myself for the next 3 days. I promise you that I've been working on lots of things that hopefully will surface in the near future, but for now it needn't be discussed.

What are you doing this weekend?

Coming Soon: The CDP "Bloggie" Awards + 1st Anniversary!

My x-rays looked a lot better than that one!

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