Thursday, February 24

We'll Never Be Like This Again.

"Tom + I" - By: Ryan Zeinert

Tom Servo stopped by my place of residence last night.

"Have a seat, old friend!" I said to him. "Let us watch Cure videos on the television."

He agreed.

"Robert Smith looks like he hollowed himself out, and is now living in himself." Servo quipped.

"You still got it!" I responded, respectfully.

I fed Tom a green M&M, which he heartily munched.

After exchanging in some humorous banter, he drifted off to sleep, leaning against me.

It was just like heaven. Now, 2 haikus.

Servo came over
Cracked wise with Robert Smith jokes
M&M's were fed.

Ryan's not balding
He forgot to dye his hair
Which is a light blonde.

Very cute story, but please choose blonde or black.
It'll get dyed this weekend. Scout's honor.
Is that so? Well, I don't think we have any hair dye! MWA HA HA!
If we don't, we can pick some up tonight. We should have got some last night, because we were right by the store.
I'm getting jealous of your ability to post frequently and still have them be funny. I think I'm going to shut down my blog and only post in your comments section from now on.
Nonsense, I ran out of material the week I started this page. I just have Bruce Vilanch tied up in my basement, and he writes jokes for me in exchange for ham and an hour of sunlight per day.

The man knows funny.
Whoopi would have made it work.
See the gracious host I am? I lob the punchline over to you, and you swat it down like a pro.

That man is seriously unfunny.
Surely he's not talking about Hollywood Squares?!

It's a pleasure working with you.
I only have time for one TV show starring Tom Bergeron, and that's America's Funniest Home Videos. Last night he made fun of Bob Saget, and 2 MST3K writers work there. I'd follow them off a cliff if need be.

Vilanch is no Paul Lynde. That man could give you a double-entendre that would really make you think about life.

"Do I read from the card that says Jokes or Right Answers?"
you and tom look awful um ... snuggly. Please tell me that your marriage isnt a sham!
Naw, my marriage is just fine. Celia just brought up the option of bringing another man into our relationship. This is just my way to show that I'm open to new and robotic things.

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