Wednesday, March 23

Mapless In The Open Sea.

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(If you lived here, you'd be home by now.)

A few quick things to share with you, then I'm going to bed:

1. The Boycott Unity Final 5 has officially begun.

2. UW-Milwaukee will pull off the greatest upset in NCAA Tournament history tomorrow night, when they knock off Illinois and waltz into the elite 8. Duke, Kentucky and Wisconsin play on Friday, and I'll be shutting off my phone.

3. I'm working on a new article for Core Weekly. It's a book review, and it should be published on Thursday, April 7. They're working on getting the web page up, so keep checking that if you're one of the 5.99 Billion people who does not live in Madison.

4. In "I Really Hope So" news, Jeopardy! auditions are coming to Madison by invitation only. I submitted my application, so here's hoping they let me have a crack at taking their money.

5. In "Wild Fantasies Come True" news, I'm in the process of submitting an application to be a writer for the Onion A.V. Club. They're looking for a part-time staff writer, so I decided to give it a shot. It's probably not going to happen, but it's always good to try anyways. Yes, I do consider writing for the Onion to be a "wild fantasy". I also eat macaroni & cheese for lunch every single day, if that makes things more clear for you.

I'm staying plenty busy.

6. So, who wants to murder Toby Keith? I mean, we all thought about it a few years ago, but I think it's all blown over by now. This would be the perfect time to strike. His guard is completely down, and we might actually get away with it. If we just ride the wave of recent bursts of violence our nation has seen recently, it might not even make headlines. If anyone's with me, meet me by the mailbox at the end of my street tomorrow night, and wear black.

He's really a patriot, isn't he? Just give him a disaster, and he'll write a song about it. He almost makes me want to buy a cowboy hat, just for the street cred. Forget everything I said about Texas and the South, Toby Keith is truly a shining spokesperson for your region.

Every night, I wish to the stars that he goes to Iraq for a USO show, and gets sent back home in pieces. But seriously, I love Toby (or "TK", as I like to call him). I'd never do anything to hurt him, in case his lawyers or a representative from Ford Motors is reading this.

7. Send me a picture of your eye.

I'll be watching basketball for pretty much the rest of the week, but I'll be updating the CDP along with Boycott Unity before the weekend. I've got that book review to write, so that's going to have to come first for a while (I'm working here, people!) I also need to find time to keep training for this 5-mile run so my heart doesn't immediately explode once the starter's pistol fires. First rule of business: only 3 sub sandwiches per week, no extra mayo. Still mayo, just no "extra" mayo. You have to take baby steps concerning these things.

What are you planning to do with these eyes...?
I'll showcase them. You can't go to a Blog without someone taking a picture of their eye (as I previously vented about), so I'm just going to take it way overboard.

Keep the pictures coming, I'll have something together in a couple weeks.
I do not have a picture of my eye... if I did it would probably be green, yellow, brown with blood shot look and a slight contact rim. Maybe an eye booger or two
Liar! I've seen your eye. No bother.

Kentucky & Wisconsin move into the Elite 8, Duke goes home, and 3 of my Final 4 picks are still alive. That office pool is mine!

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