Tuesday, March 29

No Room For Humans.

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"This now concludes our broadcast day. Good night."

When I was a kid, I had insomnia. After my parents would go to bed, I would sneak into the living room to watch television all night. We didn't have cable, so at around 3am, most of the networks would go off the air for the day. The National Anthem would play, and the test pattern would show up, sounding a tone that would surely wake up the entire house had I not muted the TV just beforehand.

I hated the test pattern. Not because I wanted to watch more TV, but because it meant I was alone. I just wanted to sleep, and I was usually too afraid or too busy thinking about something to relax long enough for that to happen. I didn't have a computer in the 80's, so when TV finally bailed out on you at night, you were truly on your own. It probably doesn't make much sense to anyone else, but that test pattern was a very frightening thing to me, because it symbolized loneliness and solitude. But eventually, the Home Shopping Network came along, and then I was free to watch television until the sun came back up for another bleary-eyed day.

Enough depressing nostalgia. I'm in the process of putting the finishing touches on my book review for Core Weekly. I will be covering "50 Things You're Not Supposed To Know" (Volumes 1&2), released by the fine folks at the Disinformation Company. This review is a full page for me to say whatever I want, and I'm really looking forward to when it's published. As always, I'll steal a lot of newspapers to shell out to friends and family. They're paying me so much money right now, I could quit my day job if I wanted to get a divorce and starve to death.

There's only 2 more Boycott Unity cartoons left. Check it out!

By the way, I don't want to talk about the NCAA tournament anymore. It didn't hurt as much as 1992, but it was close enough to put it behind me as quickly as possible.

So, needless to say, I had (and still have) a lot of things to catch up on. I've been keeping my posts short, but I'll be back into the old routine by the end of the week. March is shaping up to be the biggest month yet for the CDP in terms of site hits and visits, and I really appreciate that. Keep it up, and I'll send you all a gold star.

Send me a picture of your eye first.

Why is it whenever you get nostalgic I feel guilty???
Is it even possible to "sneak" down the steps on Sauby road without anyone noticing...those stairs were pretty fricken creaky from what I noticed.
Eventually, I got my own TV in my room. It was a First Communion present.
First AND last communion...haha
Insomnia sucks, dude. I had it last year around this time, and now it's back again. It's so frustrating to want/need to sleep, and just not being able to.

And of course this happens when I'm super busy and need sleep.

Is there such thing as a second communion? I've never got more presents on a single day than on my First Communion. It was really crazy.

I hear you, Aaron. Nowadays, I can't stay up much later than 10, but it's much worse to not be able to sleep when you really need it. It's like every night is the day before your execution, and it's impossible to close your eyes.

Someday, "72 Hours" will be made. Just not by us.

It doesn't help that we'll be losing an hour on Saturday night, too.
I know what it's like to have insomnia. I sit up and worry about everything and nothing at all: money, my classes, getting things done on time for school, people plotting to hurt me (paranoia), etc. Then, I wake up Ben, and I keep bugging him until he gets up with me to watch a movie.
Yup, the biggest problem with Insomnia is you can't shut off your brain. You can't stop organizing and planning things that mean absolutely nothing to you in the waking world. It's much better for me now, but it always creeps up on me every now and again.

Ben's a trooper. Blink pretty for the camera on Saturday!
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Hey, you were not alone. In some other part of the US, there were other "insomniacs" who watched TV late at night into the early morning hours and then the test pattern would show up because there was no more programming. Not just adults (usually unemployed adults), but insomniac teenagers and children. I was a kid in the 80's but I never had insomnia on weekdays. Insomnia came on weeknights. On very hot summer nights, it was hard to sleep. I would watch TV well after midnight. Because it was Friday night or Saturday night and there was no school the next day, my parents didn't care if I was up watching TV somewhere in the house. The test pattern was frightening. It was not so much the colors. They were pretty. It was a rainbow on your TV screen. It was that terrible sound that was scary. I will never in my life forget that sound, and I did have the volume up at a moderate level where you could still hear it. I would be alone in a room, it was dark outside. It was just you and that terrible sound and that loneliness. It was gloomy. No more TV programs to keep you company. It was also a little like the movie Poltergeist and you thought perhaps someone was controlling the test pattern and it felt sort of like an alien being was behind it. It was scary. It just was. All kids who saw the test pattern in the 80's will tell you that. I also remember it was still on as early as the 5am to 6am hour. A little after 6am, the programs would begin again. I would sometimes just wake up very early and the test pattern would be on. Shortly after the test pattern was gone, I remember watching morning kid shows like Sesame Street. The 80's was a very emotional time for us kids who were very small. The world was new, everything was new. I remember the "magic" of those days because ordinary things like a TV set- without the remote control - was a magic box. I remember the magic of technology like VCR and VHS, movies in your own home! I remember listening to cassette tapes in cassette players. I still own them. 25 years ago, the 1985 to 1989 period was my favorite time of the 80's. It was a wonderful time to be a kid. We will always remember. We were children of the 80's.

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