Monday, March 7

Smarch!/My Mini-Vacation. (Part 2 of 2)

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Trying hard to shake off the bitter defeat of the Native American Gaming Establishment, me and the Missus headed up nort' to visit Benjamin and Sherry Jenkel. We talked, stories were exchanged and flutes were played. Nothing too special, just me making a typical ass of myself for yet another weekend. The best part about it was that I wasn't at work.

I'm getting really sick of apologizing to people week after week for being such a knob, but this happens to be the case again. So, to everyone I talked to this weekend, I'm sorry I was such a knob. I had a lot of things on my mind (fireworks, cheese sandwiches and worry), but it's no excuse. All in all, this was almost the worst mini-vacation ever. The thing about vacations is, no matter where you go, there you are. Distancing yourself from your problems means nothing when your biggest problem is looking at you in the mirror, and wearing your pants.

Damn Smarch weather. This weekend it was 50 degrees, and now it's going to snow for 4 straight days, and peak at 25 degrees if we're lucky. The funny thing about Wisconsinites is that, at some point in late winter, we become completely defiant of the temperature and season. After being jerked around one too many times by Mother Nature, we collectively throw our winter coats into the backseat, and proclaim the start of spring. Sure, it may be just as cold as it was in January, but we get to the point where we just have to believe what we tell ourselves, so we don't chop our family up in the attic. It's a collective statewide temper tantrum, and I'm usually the first one to fall on my back and kick wildly into the air.

Today, I had an incredibly surreal experience at work. I overheard our Executive Assistant humming a song by The Arcade Fire. I flagged him down and asked him just what the hell he thought he was doing, and we discussed them for a few minutes (he said that "Funeral" changed his life, as it did mine). It may not sound like much, but it was a conversation I never in a million years thought I'd be having with this guy. BUY FUNERAL NOW!

Back to Smarch. This is my least favorite month. First off, it's completely endless. Towards the last couple days of Smarch, you become convinced that it may never end. The weather is going through a miserable transitional period, and you're never comfortable in your clothing. I bet there are more suicides in Smarch than in any other month. Makes total sense, because it totally sucks. I don't need scientific data when I start dropping the "it sucks" argument around.

The best part about Smarch is the end. The sun peeks through the clouds, and everyone finally knows that winter is truly over. People emerge from their cocoons, roll the windows down and listen to that one CD that really makes them happy. It's the closest I'll ever come to being reborn, and it happens every year.

Soon enough, Boycott Unity will be back for the attack. I know you're excited.

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I'm still waiting to find out how that album "changed your life"...because you seem exactly the same to me as you were before you got it.
What do you mean it was the worst mini-vacation ever? I thought you had a good time while you were here! What was wrong?
Yeah, why are you being such a knob?
Heh heh...perhaps I should explain myself.

The only bad part about the weekend was me. Everyone else was their usual great self, but I thought I was just annoying. I mean, I couldn't even stand myself. Not only that, but I think I really freaked out your UWGB friends. It was a bad first impression, and I made fun of that Bellini kid right in front of them. I still think it's funny, but that doesn't make it right.

I'll be a better guest the next time I'm at your house. Scout's honor.
Actually, Matt thought that you were really cool, and he remembered your name when he was talking to me about you the other day. That's a big step for Matt. I'm not sure what they thought of you making fun of Tim; they seemed a little offended though.
Well, that makes me feel a little better. It's good to know that nobody wants to hurt me or anything.

I think my problem is a mix of alcohol and Aaron. Gets me every time.

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