Sunday, April 3

Springing Forward.

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Me and Aaron played drunk Scrabble last night ("Screwdriver Scrabble", as I like to call it). I played "WEEDLED" on my first turn, scoring me a whopping 78 points. We later found out that "WEEDLED" isn't a real word. I still won, because he didn't think to challenge it. I then realized that bluffing is a huge part of Scrabble. He won the second game, and the decisive third game was called on a count of Aaron not being able to spell anymore.

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Me, the Missus, Benjamin and Sherry spent the night at Mr. Aaron Miller's place last night, and we didn't really get to sleep until 5am. I have a well-deserved headache, but we all had a good, responsible time. If the worst thing you do when you're drunk is play a fake Scrabble word, you know you're a pretty good kid.

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Me and the Missus left Aaron's place in Appleton at around 2pm today, and headed 2 hours straight back to Madison for a trip to the zoo. It was a beautiful day, and a walk in the zoo cured what ailed me. It would have been better had there not been 10,000 people there with their babies and strollers, but I'll never have a private zoo, so I won't complain...or will I?

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I'm currently listening to my brand new IPod Shuffle, which I bought for the purpose of listening to when I run outside. It's a wonderful little machine, it works like a charm and is totally worth the money. I also bought a nice pair of running shoes in preparation for the upcoming 5-mile trek. In tune, I realized that it's much easier to purchase accessories than to actually to what you set out to do. Nonetheless, I will be running at least 1 mile every day this week.

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The infamous "eyeball" post is locked and loaded, and will be up next. Boycott Unity is toast on Friday, and my book review will be read by 50,000 people on Thursday. Gas in Madison is $2.24 with no signs of slowing down. The Pope died, which is a shame for Catholics, but Mitch Hedberg also died, which is a shame for everyone. That reminds me, I wanted to tell you a joke:

What does Snoop Dogg use to do his laundry?


Wow, that's even funnier when it's written down. Thanks Ben.

See what happens when you drink too much. I suppose you'll end up hanging around places like the pivot club a sporting a new "maleman" license plate?
What's a little spooning among friends? Actually, Ben was passed out and I just wanted to make him part of an embarrassing photo.

It's a little gay, though.

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