Wednesday, May 18

Baby, You Got A Stew Goin'!

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Arrested Development (the best show on television) has been renewed for a FULL 22-EPISODE THIRD SEASON!

Discuss! I'll be back tomorrow.

It almost makes me want to remove that parental block we have on the Faux News channel...maybe FOX isn't so bad after all?

Nah, screw it. They suck. Bringing Arrested Development back is due compensation for giving Seth MacFarlane 2 shows on Sunday nights.
You can't see or hear it but I've been doing Gob's chicken dance ever since I heard this news. I've also noticed Paul Feig's (freaks and geeks) name more frequently on the credits lately, which is a good sign.

I've decided not to send you my Tivo in protest. Now I will send it to you in celebration.

Agreed on the Seth MacFarlane.
Jumpin' on the Bo Bice bandwagon are we? I am quite sure you wanted Carrie to win all along!
First off, I've always liked Bo, I just didn't think he could top Carrie...until he did...for the last 4 weeks. He was incredible last night.

Ka-chok, ka-chok, ka-chok! I may be a little out of the loop on this, but I thought that the F&G producers were working on another show. I'm sure someone here knows more about that than I do. It's good news no matter what.

I need a TiVo for Wednesday nights alone. Me and the Missus are watching shows in 2 different rooms of the house from 8-9 (Mythbusters/Revelations), while American Idol records in the living room. This is simply no way to live.

Expect to hear my Seth MacFarlane impression on here by the end of the week. If I forget, remind me.
I think Paul Feig was talking to HBO about doing a show about college guys, called "Nice Guys" or something like that. I met him last summer and asked him about it and he said "Don't hold your breath." ("Met" is a strong word, I talked to him for a minute in an autograph line).

Regardless. AD3 Wooooooo!
Revelations...what a crock of crap and other expletives.
Lost is the only show worth watching on Wednesday nights.
I think you'd like Mythbusters, but you're probably right about Lost. Me and the Missus didn't get "into" it in time, but we're thinking about catching up during the summer once Idol's over.

Maybe Revelations will do a sequel. "Part 2: Jesus Boogaloo"
Yay! That makes me so happy! I needed something to bring me up after seeing Episode III last night. Not that it was a horrible movie, but it was just really, really depressing! :(
I've enjoyed the Mythbusters that I've seen, but I'm on Basic Cable For Poor People now. I used to have to set up tests and experiments for forensic engineering (mostly accidents involving ladders, 4-wheelers and industrial machines), so Mythbusters appealed to me because of that.

Bible 2: The Bible Rides Again
Sherry, how was episode III? I don't really care, I'm just being polite.

Nah, I'm just screwing with you. I hope you had a good time. Did you both dress up, or did Ben wuss out?

You used to set up experiments with 4-wheelers...aahhh, the "wheelie-popping" thing is all starting to make more sense now. You should put some of those stories on your page, I bet they're interesting, or at the very least, funny.

Can the Bible have a prequel? I suppose not, since the beginning of the Bible was...well, the beginning. It would be a very boring read.
Hmm... Bible prequel. I bet it'd be a short brochure titled "So You've Decided to Create a Universe."

I wish I had some funny engineering testing stories. Lots of interesting stuff, none of it very funny. But thanks to that work, I'm nervous on ladders and I won't ever ride a four-wheeler.

I'm gonna have to start making up crap for my languishing blog.
That's what I do. I've been bedridden since 1989.
"I wash myself with a stick."
"and a rag."
"rag on a stick." Dang it, I can't quote correctly today.
I saw a bunch of wanks on TV in their little Star Wars costumes...that's always sad. Especially the ones that were at the wrong theater for 3 days!
Thanks for bringing up the number of comments, Paste. I always appreciate that extra mile.

Those kids (grown men) who waited at the wrong theatre were hilarious. It's not like they have a job or girlfriend waiting at home for them. Was that too mean? Actually, Ben and Berry are married, and they went together. That's WAY worse than going alone.
Even when I screw up, I help people.
I thought episode III was really well done, especially after seeing the travesties that were I and II. As someone that is probably a little too much into star wars, I was really happy with the way the fall was portrayed. However, as good as I thought the movie was, it was sad seeing it all come to an end. Hopefully I don't sound pathetic, and at least one other person on here likes the movies.


the picture is miscaptioned, as my friend david laack is the one on left. you can tell the anger has really consumed him by the face he is making.
Dude, that picture is hilarious! I'm glad you had a good time. Heck, I'm always glad when anyone has a good time anywhere.

You know, I keep hearing people say that Lucas finally redeemed himself with Episode III. While I'll never see it, it's good to know that the die-hard fans finally got their money's worth. You all deserve it, for what you've been through.
According to the "fine" folk at Good Morning America, I am to tell my kids to look away when Anikon and some other guy (Obi Won, maybe?) step onto some planet. Apparently that's where things get colorful!

See, I pay attention...haha
Yes.. Ben and I dressed up. I was Princess Leia, and Ben was Anakin.. sort of. His costume just ended up being a little darker than before, so we just said that he was supposed to be Anakin. It was a little wierd though, going as father and daughter. We'll have pictures as soon as I use the other 21 pictures on my camera. So, you might have to wait like a month or two. Why is it sad and pathetic that we went together? I didn't think it was sad that the two of us sat outside in the cold, freezing weather, alone for four hours playing Star Wars chess before Dale, John, Aaron, and Rob joined us. It was cute! :)
You went as Father and Daughter? There's a lot of jokes here, but I won't touch them because it's just too easy. (For anyone who doesn't know Ben & Sherry, Ben's about 15 years older than her already.)

I've been watching these people wait in line for weeks, and it's really nothing that I want to be a part of. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though. I bet Dale was peeing his pants with excitement, but wow, Aaron must've had nothing to do that night or something.

I would never dress up and wait in line for any movie unless it was my own. Or maybe if The Simpsons ever get around to making one, I'd dress up like Hank Scorpio.

As soon as you hook me up, I'll post the pictures. There will be a new post up tonight for your viewing pleasure.
Sherry,Get a digital camera! No more using up of pictures! :)

P.S. Pleased we are that you joined Upromise. (That was Yoda, see?
I know we need a digital camera! I think that's one of the things we will buy with our wedding money, along with a new computer desk and entertainment center. By the way, you are very welcome about the Upromise thing!

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