Monday, May 9

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now.

(Allow me to get you all caught up. Sentences are condensed for your convenience.)

1. The Bill Rebane Film Festival was pleasing. You really should have been there. Mike Nelson & Kevin Murphy were crowd-pleasers as usual. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is still the greatest non-animated show in the history of television.

2. The Mother's Day festivities went well. I was in the sun for less than a half hour, and burned both of my arms. I don't like the idea of a giant, flaming ball in the sky being close enough to blister your flesh. That's doesn't make me feel safe at all.

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3. My fish died this weekend. He was a Betta named "Master". (I was 19 at the time, and that was a very funny and clever joke. Still is, really.) He was the first pet I've ever independently owned, and I babied the guy for at least 4 years (that's a long-ass time for a fighting fish). I'll miss you, buddy.

4. Weezer's "Make Believe" comes out tomorrow. Pick up your copy and be disappointed with yet another terrible Weezer album. I'll see you in line.

5. Who do you think would win in a fight between Robert Smith and Morrissey? I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'd like some input. They're members of 2 of my favorite bands, and I was just wondering what would happen should they decide to go at it one night.

I can see it now. At a pub somewhere after the Leeds Festival, knocking back pints of Guinness. Robert says something snide about being a vegan, Morrissey makes a fat joke, and all of a sudden they're taking it outside. They've both competed for the title of "musical king of emotional pain and suffering", but this time...

It's personal.

I think Robert would win, specifically because he's got about 50 pounds on Morrissey, and he's really into soccer ("football") and rugby. I don't think Morrissey would know what hit him. However, Morrissey's probably about six inches taller than Robert, maybe he could bop him on the head or something. It's a real head-scratcher, but the fans would be the true winners.
It should be an interesting week here at the CDP. New things are-a-comin'!

I'm sorry about your fish. Oh, by the way, what the hell was Kenny Chesney thinking?
I haven't really had the time or energy to read the last two posts. If you could just send me a link with the audio versions, that'd be great.
Kenny Chesney deserves what he gets. Maybe they'll give birth to a child with the velvety-smooth voice of Kenny and the amazing acting skills of Renee. They shall name it, "Pile of Crap".

For a written transcript of this broadcast, learn to type really fast. I'll utilize more of Audioblogger's wonderful capabilities in the future.

Poor Master. I'll have you know that I was going to swallow him, like the college pranks of old. At the last second, however, the Missus intervened.
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I think that a fight between Morrisey and Robert Smith would never be possible because they would both be sobbing before either could even land a punch...
Their accents are so thick that neither one could understand each other.

You're probably right. They'd just hug a lot and talk about loose-fitting silk shirts.
4 years? WOW that is a LONG time in fighting fish years. I had one named Fred and you could turn on music and fred would dance and jump in his bowl. One day i came home and Fred had jumped OUT of the bowl. Poor Fred was dead
Here's a Haiku for "Dancin' Fred".

"Fred sure liked to dance.
But one day, he danced himself
Right out of the bowl."

Sorry about that, I feel your pain.
My betta Francis died about a week ago. I was so sad when I had to be a big girl and flush him down the toilet myself. :(...
I believe I had my betta for about four years as well. In fact, I think I got my betta before you, Celia, and Ben got their bettas. Did I start that fad or who did?
That's weird that both our fish died within a week of each other. Especially considering that they were about the same (old) age. It's a damn shame.

I'm certain that I wasn't the first one of us to get a Betta, so maybe it was you who started the "Betta Bonanza", as I like to call it from this point forward.

I don't know if I'll get another one. It's weird not having to feed him in the morning, as it was the first thing I did every day for years (besides sobbing at the foot of my bed for several minutes).
I think you started it, Sherry. You had Francis and then this other beta that was kind of sad-looking. Then Ryan got one, then I got one...then two...then three...then four. Ben's mom bought him one somewhere in there, I think.
Bettas are good pets for people who want to constantly experience the heartbreak of a pet dying, roughly every year or so. Mice are also good for that same reason.

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