Saturday, July 23

Dead Men Don't Tell Secrets, Do They?

Okay, the published version of the review is up over in the "writings" section. Read the original version (below), and tell me what you think of the finalized product. After comparing the two for a few days now, I can see that to most people, the changes won't seem that big of a deal. My argument is that the changes were unnecessary, and it had nothing to do with space constraints (the top two-thirds of the page is a huge photograph, which I've cut from this version).

Any constructive criticism is appreciated. If you think I'm being a baby, say so, but explain why. I know that this sort of thing happens all the time, but in this case I'd just like a good reason. I'm totally going to frame this article, as I'm still pretty proud of it, I just know that it could have been better. It's unnerving to see people reading this all around Madison, possibly making false assumptions about the writing style of certain egotistical maniac.

The house is clean, the bills are paid, I've updated some links, the check for this interview is in the mail, and I have to go grocery shopping. The storm clouds are rolling in, the temperature is dropping, and the drought is about to end.

I agree, the changes were unnecessary. It looks to me like the person who is editing isn't a very good writer and needs others to do the base work for him/her so they can make some changes and call it their "more improved" article. If you are considering framing it, I would frame the "original" with it too. Don't let one **** change how you feel about writing (although with my temper I would).
I haven't changed my opinions on writing, but it's good to know that I'm not looking at this differently just because I wrote it.

I tend to get protective of my work, especially when it's going to be read by the entire city (or the entire planet, here). I don't want to open the paper and see a big turd with my name on it. I told them to give me more of an idea of what they are looking for in me, so I can edit myself before I submit my next work to them. I'd rather trim the fat on my own piece than have someone else do it and completely jeopardize the structure and pacing.

I just woke up. The Missus is taking a shower, and I just heard a massive crash come from her bathroom. I have to go and check on her now.
On the next review you should just add in some obvious filler so they'll take that out and feel like they've edited you, and then you get it published in it's intended entirety. Try writing "Flanders sucks" over and over.

Hope there are no shower injuries.
Everything seems to be fine downstairs. She didn't mention anything when she came out, so maybe I just heard a neighbor getting murdered or something. Flanders sucks.

I don't know about you guys, but it's 110 degrees here.
You never did come to see if I was okay, ya jerk! Usually you come and see if I'm okay when I've just dropped a brush or something.

What happened was that rack that is in the shower held up by suction cups decided to stop functioning and it and of its contents spilled to the floor. It scared me pretty bad. I pooped a little.
Everytime I check on you, you say that you're fine in a way that makes me feel like I'm bothering you.

If you pooped, at least you were in the shower at the time. Damn it, why must you sink this page to the lowest common denominator all the time? This was supposed to be about my review!

I pooped a little because I was laughing at the "pooped a little" comment.
Oh, here we go. Now everyone's pooping.
I predict that IPAL is going to be the new LOL. For example, some dude will respond to someone else on a message board with: "So tell us how you REALLY feel! ipal"
Oh, that's brilliant.


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