Thursday, July 28

Everybody Knows That Girls Love Robots.

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The sun sets two miles from my house. If you lived here, you'd be me by now.

I've got a mixed bag of headlines for you today. Chew 40 times before swallowing.

Communique Rocks the Annex Despite Poor Interview. Concerts Abound!

Communique put on a great show at the Annex this Tuesday. They played most of the tracks on Poison Arrows, along with some new tunes and a few off of their debut EP, A Crescent Honeymoon. I bought an adorable shirt along with the EP, and they're both fantastic.

In other concert news that concerns me and the Missus, Of Montreal will be playing here on campus at Union South on September 5. The shows there are all ages and FREE, so you have no reason not to show up. Of Montreal is an indie-pop treasure, so come on down; you can stay at my place.

Oh, I forgot to mention one last little bit of unimportant concert gibberish. On September 29, me and the Missus will be heading to Minneapolis to see THE ALMIGHTY ARCADE FIRE! The tickets are purchased, hotel rooms are being reserved, and I'm already crying. I'm trying not to jinx myself by being so happy two months ahead of time, should something unforeseen cause me to miss the show. That being said, I did a cartwheel in the parking lot last night. Let's move on.

Can You Be Fired From A Freelance Job?

Following the tremendous success and notoriety of my full-page interview last week, I'm back at work behind the writing desk, composing yet another album review for the fine people at Core Weekly. The group in question is Grand Buffet, a white boy hip-hop duo from Pennsylvania. More on that later. Ever since I voiced a complaint about the way I thought my interview was handled last week, I've received no replies (or money) from them. This is what happens when you rock the boat, kids. The Missus rocks the boat at work all the time, and they praise her. I do it once when I feel my work is being jeopardized, and suddenly I'm blacklisted. I've always wanted something bad to happen to me for following my beliefs, so maybe its finally time.

(EDIT: I have recently recieved contact as well as a check. Remember that Of Montreal show I was talking about earlier? I'll be interviewing them now. Always rock the boat!)

Quick Reviews Of The Last 15 Albums I've Listened To At Work Today.

Minus The Bear - They Make Beer Commercials Like This EP - (A-)
Pedro The Lion - Achilles' Heel - (B-)
Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree - (C-)
Troubled Hubble - Making Beds In A Burning House - (C-)
The Dead Milkmen - Chaos Rules: Live At The Trocadero - (B-)
Mando Diao - Hurricane Bar - (B)
Cursive - The Ugly Organ - (A-)
Communique - A Crescent Honeymoon EP - (A-)
The Cloud Room - The Cloud Room - (D+)
The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs - (A)
Minus The Bear - Highly Refined Pirates - (B+)
Rogue Wave - Out Of The Shadow - (D+)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea - (B+)
The Promise Ring - Very Emergency - (B)
The Arcade Fire - The Arcade Fire EP - (B+)

In case you were wondering, American Idiot still sucks.

Find Me Glossy Paper To Love.

You know me. I'm still a punk in the body of a loser. However, my musical tastes are constantly evolving and changing, and I'm looking for a magazine that reflects that. I enjoy Alternative Press, but I'm growing more and more cynical of the awful bands, paltry write-ups and sad state of affairs in the "Alternative" genre. However, I picked up the lastest issue of "Paste", and it also rubbed me the wrong way, only in the opposite direction. Is there a magazine that covers the areas between AP & Paste? I like some of the bands covered in "Paste", but I also still listen to "AP"-style groups. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You Smell Like I Feel.

The sense of scent is the closest thing to a time machine that we as humans can experience. If we smell something familiar, we are instantly transported back to that place in time. It's amazing, and I've been intensely aware of it in the last couple days. For example, as I was leaving my apartment, I smelled a lingering scent of a cologne that I couldn't quite remember. All I could recall was that it made me happy, I wore it when I was younger, and it reminded me of nights spent alone with the Missus. Swiss Army! That's it! I immediately went to the nearest department store and purchased the largest bottle I could find. Do the Swiss have an army?

Other times, scents can put you into a place that you'd wish to forget. For example, the scent of crayons and glue puts me right back into Elementary school, and it makes me sick. The scent of Old Lady perfume mixed with coffee reminds me of every meeting I've ever attended in the last 16 years. I swear to you, they all wear the same thing at those meetings.

What Are You Doing?

This weekend, we're heading home for a family reunion. That should be a lot of awkward, but the weather will be nice, and I'm certain there will be deviled eggs. On Sunday, Ben and Sherry are moving into a newer, bigger place in Green Bay. As someone who is still recovering from a full-scale move, I wish you good luck and strength. You'll love your new place. I've got new links in the sidebar, which I've clearly labeled "NEW!" for you. Just another way to make your stay enjoyable. Later.

COMING SOON: The CDP's Favorite Albums Of All Time.

Fun fact about letseatpaste: While my name has nothing to do with Paste magazine, I've been on a message board/email list with the guys who started and run Paste magazine since before they started that up. Way back since 1994-95 on a Vigilantes of Love email list, and then a smaller offshoot of that list a couple years ago. Nice fellas, though I don't know them personally. I like the magazine, but in the last year or so I've grown pretty bored with the Americana scene, so it's sorta hit and miss now but I still find out about a lot of good stuff, especially from the sampler disc.
You hit the nail on the head with the "Americana" thing. I can only listen to so much, and then I need something a bit louder. That's neat about the "Paste" thing, I didn't realize that the magazine is still fairly new.

That being said, I have to pick up the Sufjan Stevens album. It seems to be the most well-reviewed album of the year, and I haven't heard a second of it. I went to get it at the local record store, and it was $27. Whaaa?
I'm pretty sure that the name "Swiss Army" was supposed to be some sort of ironic cologne joke...not sure what they were getting at though. Switzerland is certainly an isolationist country, though I assume at this point they have gotten off their damn-fool high horses and at least conjured up some sort of military protection.

They recalled Sufjan's new album because there was an image of superman on the cover, so the first pressing became instantly collectible. is showing it for sale with the original pressing for $13. Or you can get in on ebay for a normal price. A lot of people are still finding it at Borders and Barnes and Noble. It's worthy of the rave reviews, though I'm sure the indie backlash is fast approaching.
I knew about the Superman thing, I just didn't think that this would cause people to jack the prices. Oh wait, this is AMERICA! I forgot for a second, forgive me.

The only negative thing I've heard the "Indie Community" say about Stevens is that he'll never be able to pull off the "50 states" project, that it was a publicity stunt and he's too early on in his career to be praised as a hero.

Nonetheless, I'm buying it this weekend.

"Ironic cologne joke." That's funny.
Yeah, he even says it's a ridiculous idea and kind of a gimmick and he probably will not finish it. It's resulted in two of my favorite albums ever, though, so I don't mind so much.

You should have seen eBay the day they tried to recall the album... $75 or so was the going price. Then the next day they told record stores they could sell what they had and the price returned to normal. I'd go back to that record store and yell a lot.

Ironic cologne jokes are the best kind of cologne jokes.
Yeah, I read an interview with him in the Onion, and he basically said that he'd do this until he was sick of it. Good for him.

I'm listening to my "Paste" sampler as we speak.

I need to create a cologne joke. Here, try this one on for size:

"What do you call a guy who wears Swiss Army?"

"A jerk!"
Smell ya later!

Sorry, that's all I got. I had a bad experience with cologne in high school, and people were literally smelling me later.
Yeah, in High School you have to experiment with cologne levels, determining the fine line between gently pleasant and toxic.

I crossed this line several times.
Someone poured out a bunch from the top of a stairwell onto my head as I was walking underneath before my first class.
Oh yeah, I read that in your "fun facts". At least it didn't get in your eyes or something.

On a similar note, I've tasted cologne, and it doesn't taste as good as it usually smells.
FYI, if you order from in the UK you can get the Illinois CD and a bonus 6-song EP for about $17 shipped, only took a couple days. I ordered it just to get the EP. It was the superman version cd, too.
Collector nerd!

I may do that, although I'm a sucker for going to the chain stores. I like to buy albums on a whim, and when I have to go through the trouble of ordering online, I get lazy.

Then agin, anything's better than spending $19 on a CD at Barnes & Noble.
$12 CD + $7 Atmosphere
I'll pay $7 more for my albums, as long as the place I'm shopping at smells like Starbucks coffee.
I'm still mad that they removed all the comfy chairs, at least at the one closest to me.
What's a good Neutral Milk Hotel cd to start with?
"In the Aeroplane Over the Sea". It's their best album, the easiest one to find, and considered a classic by those who say those sorts of things.

Apart from that album, it starts to get tricky finding their other work. They have surprisingly little material otherwise.

Speaking of Elephant 6, did I mention that I get to interview Of Montreal?
I probably need some Of Montreal as well. I keep hearing people talking about them and NMH everywhere I go on the internets.
Soon the internets will crumble and admit Kevin Barnes as their god.
You ever read Mojo magazine? It's British, but they write a lot about American music, and they have good articles about current music and music from the past 40 years.
Of Montreal has a bigger (and better) body of work than NMH. Pick up "Satanic Panic in the Attic" or "The Sunlandic Twins". It's good stuff.

Speaking of Pedro the Lion, how is the "Headphones" album?

I haven't read "Mojo" yet, but I will certainly give it a look. There's a couple UK publications out there that may really work for me. Thanks for the input, and welcome to the CDP!
I like the Headphones cd a lot, but there are a lot of Pedro fans who don't seem to. I think a lot of people expect it to be techno-y but it's really not at all. You can stream the album at
Pedro the Lion is to Headphones as Death Cab for Cutie is to the Postal Service. Not a perfectly comparable analogy, but it works for me.

I enjoyed it enough. You can certainly hear the Starlfyer 59 shoegazer influence. Those guys are the most depressing band I've ever heard.
Yeah, I'm kind of a sucker for depressing music, though, as long it's not narcissistic or completely devoid of hope. With Pedro it's almost always within the context of a story which makes it more interesting, too. Winners Never Quit is about the best concept album I've ever heard.
Something I've always wondered, is it Communique, like dominique wilkins, or Communi k. I've never actually heard anyone talk about them in person, and if someone asks me what I am listening to, I never know what to say.

I wish i could have gone to the Of Montreal show, but I have to move in to college the 2nd. I should have gone to Madison. They are probably my top band that I have never seen in concert that would be plausible. I am looking forward to reading your article. Hopefully my comments aren't to random, or I will have to go back into my shell.

I like depressing music every now and then as well (Pedro certainly treads in that territory, although I don't know nearly as much about them as you do). Early-to-mid 90's sludgy stuff makes me happy. I've been listening to Hum for the last couple days now.

Speaking of music like that, Wisconsin's very own The Promise Ring was one of the greatest emo bands ever. I'm talking "real" emo, too. Not the new stuff where one singer is really soft, and the other singer screams a lot. They were super.

Hey Andrew! Communique is pronounced (kah-mune-a-kay), your second option. I didn't know that for a while, and kept asking people if they listened to "comm-unique". Now you know, and the show was great.

Where are you going to college? What Of Montreal stuff do you like? The Missus will be pleased to hear this, as she almost exclusively listens to them.
I enjoy the Promise Ring, I have Very Emergency and the newer one with the green cover, can't remember the name of it. I haven't listened to it in a long time because once I slipped it into a different cd case when I was in my car, and now I can't remember which one, I guess I just need to go back and open all my cd cases. Good band, though. I think I have a 45 by them, too, that I bought just because it feels cool to buy vinyl and it was a couple bucks and I'd heard of them. I need to get one of those adapters to play 45s. I also need to hook up my record player.

My favorite happy indie record is Beulah's The Coast is Never Clear. Puts a smile on my face every time.
The last Promise Ring album was Wood/Water. Every time me and the Missus decide that we're going to get a record player, something else comes along that's more important. Like buying tennis shoes with little lights in them. Someday, though.

Thanks for reminding me about The Coast Is Never Clear, that IS a good album. I shall take it with me to work today.
Wood/Water, that's the one.

It's lame, but I went out and got a record player after watching High Fidelity one too many times. It hasn't been hooked up since I moved into my house about 5 years ago, but I still buy vinyl of my favorite albums when they're available.

Around the same time I got the record player, I found a cool ancient Harmon Kardon stereo tube amp on eBay. It's got a brushed aluminum face with 4 or 5 huge knobs and a couple switches. I think I might have to do a blog post soon about how I like things with knobs. I need to steal my dad's 1968 Pioneer speakers with wooden grills and then I'll have a sweet old skool stereo.
"Early-to-mid 90's sludgy stuff makes me happy." Now THAT'S a lie if I ever heard have ALWAYS hated that type of music. I used to listen to that a few years ago and you despised it. Jumpin' on the bandwagon, are ye?

Beulah is a good band--a trifle too hit and miss for me, though. The Coast is Never Clear is pretty good; I really have to be in the mood though or else I just want to deck them. Have you got their new album? I didn't pick it up because everyone said it was awful. :)

P.S. I'm just happy you "sthuck" around....
There's nothing lame about vinyl and shiny metal knobs. The Missus LOVES round and shiny things!

I like the sludgy stuff more now than when it was new. I grew into it, although I need to be in a specific mood to listen to it.

Just because Mr. Promise Ring has a lisp doesn't make him a bad artist. Remember when we met? I couldn't read!
Tell me if you like this new "Pop-up comments" thing. I'll remove it if it's a problem.
I have no problem with the pop-up comments.

On an unrelated note, your avatar always makes me laugh.
That photo was taken the day after my wedding, I believe. It was at the Mall of America, in that underground aquarium thing they have there. It's one of the better photos I have because of the lighting and subtle absurdity.
Momma likes the pop up comments! Do they work on our computer at home or does the pop-up blocker stop 'em?
I didn't check to see if they work with the pop-up blocker attached yet. I don't think it'll be a problem, though.

Just another way I keep people coming back. You all should really set the CDP as your home page, it has everything you need.
It seems to be working fine with my pop up blocker, at least the Firefox one. How does it know which pops to block up? I love technology.
I'm glad you axed, for I know the answer.

Pop-Up Blockers block ONLY the following types of Pops:

Kellog's Corn Pops, Pop Rocks, Dr. Seuss's "Hop on Pop", the rebroadcast and unauthorized rebroadcast of VH-1's "Pop-Up Video", Ice Pops AND Freeze Pops, Popples, Poppables, Non-Stop Pop 97.1FM, Things that go "pop" in the night & Crystal Pepsi.

Anything else works fine.
I am attending college at La Crosse. I don't know if that does anything for you.

As for Of Montreal, mostly Coquelicot and Satanic Panic, but I really like just about anything by them.

Thanks for the pronunciation help. It was really starting to mess with my head.

So Andrew, what are you planning on doing at La Crosse? I think I may have asked you this already, but I have a sketchy memory.

Pick up the Sunlandic Twins if you have some spare cash. You'll enjoy it.
Coquelicot? Oh my.

Definitely pick up Sundlandic Twins and I recommend Cherry Peel as well. I think pretty much anything in their collection I would recommend over Coquelicot. But, then again many of the "die-hard" OM fans will tell you it's their best album just because it's nearly impossible to sit through.
Yeah, you'll probably love anything they do. Don't forget about Aldhil's Arboretum!

By the way Andrew, do you have a question you'd like to ask Of Montreal? I'm looking for a few good interview questions, and I've been asking other fans what they would like to know.
I guess the reason I like Coquelicot is because Penelope is probably my favorite song by them. Front to back, you are definetly right about it. I'm not diehard.

At La Crosse I am completely undecided. As of right now I am maybe leaning towards education. Having summers off and leaving the workplace by 3:30 eveyday is extremely appealing to me right now.

I'll try thinking of any questions that may be useful to you, and thanks for the suggestions.

I always thought that I'd be a good teacher. Then I realized that I hate children, and I really hate older children. If only there was a way that I could teach people over the age of 18 without ever coming in contact with them.
Yep, Penelope is a good tune. I think the story about the giant cicadas is pretty good, too :)
Speaking of Of Montreal, on the Real World last night they played "Your Magic is Working." Not that I watch the Real World. Though not as suprising as when I heard The Impossibles on a different show, it caught me off guard.

You could teach college courses over the internet.

I hate middle schoolers, but I think I could handle high schoolers for the most part.

I could teach college courses over the Interweb, but then I'd have to know a lot about a specific thing. If Pop Culture was a credit course, I'd be the Dean.

MTV plays great music every now and then, but it's always background music in their reality programming. Even MTV2 plays no music, and Fuse is pretty much a joke (minus The Dive).
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