Sunday, July 10

Freelance Ahoy!

Just a quick update, letting you know that I now have up all of my freelance articles for your enjoyment. They can be found right on the top of the sidebar, under "Freelance". They are organized by whatever it is that I was reviewing at the time, and I'll keep it updated any time I have another article published. Just another way I'm working to make you look at everything I've ever written in the last two years.

In other freelance news, I've again submitted samples and whatnot to Isthmus, the big Madison magazine that has already turned me down for a job once. Perhaps this time they'll come around. I'm currently working on another album review for Core Weekly, along with an exclusive interview with my favorite band of 2004, Communique! They're playing in Madison in two weeks, and I'm handling the write-up. I will be submitting it by the end of next week, and it should be published on Thursday, July 21. The show will be on Tuesday, July 26 at The Annex. I'm really looking forward to this write-up, and I hope that I do the band justice after they were so nice to answer all of my questions. You should buy their album, because it's great.

That should do it for today. I'll be back this week for the shocking conclusion of the Toronto Diary, along with the legendary CDP POST #200. Stick around, won't you?

I had a dream about killing zombies the other night. I'm pretty sure it took place in my basement. Which makes sense, since there are probably dead bodies down there.
I had a dream about zombies the other night too...Ben took us to this place where they were having this "zombie movie experience" thing where you get to see what it's like to be in a zombie movie; only problem was they were real, murderous zombies. He thought it was great; I, on the other hand, did not.
Ryan, I just looked at the freelance stuff and you can't read got resized or something
Zombie dreams are amazing. I prefer them over all other nightmares.

The freelance stuff works fine for me. Just run your mouse over the "small" article, and you'll be able to click and resize it. Tell me if this doesn't work.
My zombie dream wasn't a nightmare though. It was was like a scene from a movie. I would go through the scene and then it ended somehow...then it would start over and I'd do it again, only I'd do it differently. Eventually it got really really weird...I don't think I can explain it well enough to make any sense.

The articles work fine for me. They load to fit in the screen, but you can click the button to make them actual size.
Mine was a nightmare, but it wasn't as scary as it should have been. The sheer terror of it was masked by the fact that I was SO ANGRY with Ben for making us go to this zombie experience...
Yeah, Ben would do something like that.

I'm glad the freelance stuff works. I'm hoping that my Communique` write-up will be a full page.
I don't normally remember my dreams, but lately I have been, and they've been weird.

Last night there was a dream involving snakes. I woke up and thought there was a snake in the bed, so I got up and thought I saw one slither under the sheets. Shook the sheets out trying to find it, then realized..."oh, yeah. that was a dream."
You should drink more.
or maybe less.
I'm sure it was a real snake...probably was feasting on the basement-corpses.
Oh, yeah. I bet you have a snake in the basement that occasionally sneaks into your room while you sleep. He started out tiny, but after years of living off nothing but zombies, he's 15 feet long and about 500 pounds.

He's gunna kill you.
That's probably why my rent is so cheap. Zombies and killer snakes tend to drive away the big-money tenants.

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