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Grilled Cheese America.

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A few weeks ago, me and the Missus traveled to the tiny town of Mount Horeb, about 25 minutes outside of Madison. We were in the mood for a day trip, and there are literally hundreds of places to blow $50 and an afternoon here in southern Wisconsin.

There were two things we were looking for when we entered Mount Horeb. For starters, this is home to the state-famous "Trollway", in which the main drag is littered with hand-carved trolls, representing the Norwegian heritage of most Wisconsinites (including myself). In fact, Mount Horeb is known as "Little Norway" by those in the know.

I decided not to take any photos of the trolls. I took plenty of them the last couple trips to New Glarus ("Little Switzerland"), and it's been a few months since I've had a crippling nightmare, so I didn't want to rock the boat.

The second and most important thing about Mount Horeb was the world-famous Mustard Museum!

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We saw this on the Food Network a few months ago, and knew we had to make the trip. Mark Summers hasn't led me astray yet, what with his hosting "Double Dare" and his OCD that rivals even mine. In all honesty, I don't even like mustard, but that wasn't going to stop me from yet another weird-ass peek into Wisconsin culture.

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The person who started the Mustard Museum was a former lawyer who had worked with a lot of the attorneys that I work with now. Small world.

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What's a mustard museum without an autographed copy of the greatest album by a condiment-themed group?

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Mustard Plug's Evildoers Beware! is one of my favorite ska albums, and we had the fortune of playing a show with them so many years ago. The museum lived up to my feeble expectations, as we purchased a small amount of honey mustard and headed for the exits. We had antique shopping to do!

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Woah, what the hell is that? Four hundred and some dollars for a silly Nazi hat? I've got tons of these in storage.

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We had to get out of that antique store; I was getting a little weirded 'oot.

This reminds me of an idea that I had been kicking around for a couple years now. I was considering writing a book or shooting a documentary called "Grilled Cheese America", in which I would travel across the country, checking out small towns and eating grilled cheeses in every little Mom & Pop place I could find. It wouldn't be so much about the grilled cheese, as it would be about a journey through the heartland of America. I think it would be rad, but I would most certainly die of a heart attack two weeks in. I dunno, maybe it's stupid, but I'd have a good time.

I believe that you learn something new every day. If you weren't already aware of it, I present to you the Mustard Museum of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. You're welcome.

As impressed as I am that there is a mustard museum, I'm more impressed that you still talk like a Canadian.
I already told you, Ryan, that you need to just set a date and we can set oot on our grilled cheese adventure.
That sounds like a fun idea. Are you going exclusively eat grilled cheese? That's not really a well-balanced diet.

78.25 hours left at Alta Resources. I start my new job in two weeks, a "real" job using my degree.
You should dip your grilled cheese sandwiches in ketchup so you can get some vegetables. Plus, it adds flavour and colour to the plate.
I've always been a big fan of grilled cheese and tomato soup.
The Missus can tell you that I'm capable of eating as many grilled cheeses & tomato soup as she can make for me.

Aaron, way to start your new jorb! Let us know how it goes, 'eh? I'm sticking with the Canada speak. It always puts me in a good mood.

I usually dip my grilled cheese in mayo, because I have problems and a death wish. However, if I'm going to go cross-country with this thing, I may have to start dipping them in salads or something.

Seriously though, this idea will become a reality once I'm independently wealthy. I'll interview locals, take in the attractions, rate the sandwiches, etc. I've invested too much time talking it up to let it go to waste.
Also, let me compliment all of us on being such early risers. There's 6 (now 7) comments on here before 11am. Start your day off right, with the CDP!
I may be a lot of things, but early riser is not one of them.
I have a slight cold from sleeping in front of the AC without a blanket. That being said, I slept pretty well for a Sunday night.
you'll have o stop by my small town. The local mom and pop has wild chickens out back - not to eat, they have just been roaming the town for years
plus you and the missus seem like oodles of fun
Yeah, they're tons of fun. Especially when Ryan gets a couple of 'wobblers' in him. That's when he starts making up Scrabble words.

Yep. Wild and crazy kids.
The very notion that I think a grilled cheese journey across America would be fun is proof that I'm no fun. We'll totally be there once the studio decides to take a chance on the idea.

What means IPAL?
Check 'oot the earlier post. We're starting net trends here.
Hathery's starting trends and she doesn't even know aboot it.
She'd be more than happy to tell you about all the trends she's started. She's so hip, she doesn't even know that people emulate her.

Me? I invented the term "It's not you, it's me."
Oh, I get it now...see that's what I get for not going back and reading the old comments. I am quite the trandsetter.

Who is Dave Madden?
Dave Madden is that ween on Jeopardy that's been on for 14 days and counting. They're doing "Kids Week" right now, but he's coming back.

Ken Jennings was a much better super champion. This guy is a turd.
And you want this guy dead? I think maybe you take game shows a little too seriously.
You KNOW I do!

If you watched this guy play a game of Jeopardy, you'd understand. He's a disgrace to the game! I'm getting into the habit of TiVo'ing the show every day just in case he loses. I don't want to miss it.

Then I can hunt him down and saw his buzzer thumb off.

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