Tuesday, August 2

Anesthetic For The Amputee.

I haven't posted anything in over four days. I must be busy or something.

Well, yes and no. Sure, my new job is giving me no free time at work, which is a luxury I quickly realized that not everyone has. I'm also coming home a lot more tired and the upstairs rumpus room is about 85 degrees, making it difficult for me to climb up there and sit alone in the heat for two hours. When I come home nowadays, I wait for the Missus to show up, we eat, watch TV, chat and sleep. It's a good routine and it works for me.

But just because I'm not typing doesn't mean that I'm not doing anything. Slow down, tender chap; because you just don't know me.

I've got plenty on my vegetarian plate. Besides my aforementioned new job (not really a new job, just more work, with the promise of even more work in the future), I've got an Of Montreal interview in pre-production. I've also been digging through my album collection like crazy, listening to almost everything we have in an effort to determine what my favorite albums and songs "ever" are. This is much harder to do than I thought it would. The music that I listen to now might be more mature, respected and acclaimed, but how does that fare to your favorite album when you were 10? I don't know, so it's getting murky. Expect that post in the near future.

Oh, I cleaned my closet last weekend. I took out everything that I no longer wear (probably 50 shirts), and then organized and color-coordinated the remaining 8 garments. I've got my tees separate from my polos and dress shirts, and my sweaters are nestled away from the blazers. It's a beautiful thing to make your closet more efficient. It took me no time to organize my shoe collection, because the only pair that I have is on my feet.

Me and the Missus ate sweet corn last night, which takes me back to my redneck past, growing up on a farm in Larsen. She politely asked me to husk the corn before she got home, so it wouldn't take forever to get it on the table. So there I sat, on the deck in the 92 degree heat, husking corn by myself. During that process, my cats sat by the patio door, almost mocking me because they were in the freezing cold house. They kept looking at me and cocking their heads, attempting to understand why the guy who feeds them is sitting alone in the blistering sun, skinning corn.

Wiping my brow every two seconds, I kept wondering about the life choices I made to get to this point. Then I saw the Missus drive up, and it all made sense again.

Another thank you is in order, especially to the 2-4 people who keep popping in every day to check out the page. We had another record-breaking month, topping over 4000 hits in July. Considering that we had about 1200 in January of this year, I'd say that our pace is feverish. That being said, I'm certain that the CDP will suffer a record low for August. I blame the heat, because I won't blame myself.

You just happened to catch me on a week where there's a lot going on, but most of it is uninteresting. So, what have you been doing?

Sounds like someone's been watching Cleansweep.
I was cleaning up the cat pee by my laundry basket this morning...that's what I'VE been doing.

I'm going to take a picture of my closet. It's really a sight. I could host one of those Clean Sweep-type shows, but I don't have a cool name like Clinton or Mason.

What the hell is going on with Gabe? I think it's a vicious cycle, with us being mad at him for being annoying, and his constantly acting up for attention. Nevertheless, maybe a trip to the vet is in order.
I'm going to start a home makeover show for bachelors. It'll pretty much just involve putting stuff away, throwing away old magazines, and vacuuming and dusting a little bit.
I'd watch that show.

"Now, if you'll notice, I've tossed out all of the Entertainment Weekly's and TV Guide's from earlier than 2004, and that really opens up the room a bit."

"Amazing! Thank you, Clinton!"
Ryan has the "tidying-up" aspect of cleaning down to a science, but the "cleaning" part is where we actually have the trouble. (i.e. the definition of cleaning off a table does not mean just wiping all the crumbs onto the carpet for me to vacuum later)
I keep TELLING you, that way is easier for ME!
Who's to say what's right these days, what with all our modern ideas... and products.
That's what I say to the Missus when I know I'm wrong and can't get out of it.
Sorry I haven't been on here in like two weeks! Ben and I had a LOT going on. Besides waitressing 70 hours a week, we moved! I am again surrounded by a bunch of unpacked boxes, and there is nothing I can do about it because I have no time to unpack them. Matt called me and said that he couldn't play for my wedding! Then, I called Brandon (my good friend and back-up clarinet player), and he also cannot make it to my wedding. I am frantically calling every clarinet player I know (about five), and I am really stressed out and disappointed in my friends. To make things worse, we are all going to Great America next Thursday. I sense a lot of awkward silence in my future, while I try not to explode with rage. So, that's pretty much it.
By the way, Ben and I will be coming down for the sweet corn festival! We decided that we are taking too many trips this summer and can't really afford taking another one out to Wyoming, etc.
Sherry (and Ben), it's good to know that you'll be coming down for the Sweet Corn Festival, although I'm sort of sorry that you're not going to Wyoming. That being said, you ARE going a lot of places already, and it's not like Wyoming won't be there in the future. We're looking forward to it, along with seeing your new apartment. I talked to Ben about it a little bit a couple weeks ago, and it sounds killer. Moving is a tremendous pain in the ass, but it's all worth it once the last thing is put away, and you can just enjoy the new space.

Sorry about the clarinet situation. I'd be more than happy to play a selection for you, but I haven't played in front of people for about 23 years.
Everything in the clarinet situation is resolved! Matt will definately be there, but I'm not sure if Stefanie will be there or not. Now the trip to Great America won't be as awkward.

When are you coming up to see our apartment?
We can see the apartment once you're ready to have visitors, whenever that may be. A housewarming party, perhaps?

How's Franklin adjusting?
Hopefully he won't take to peeing in the bathtub.
Or pooping in the bed.
We are really close to being able to have visitors. I just cleaned the whole apartment, and there are only a few more boxes and miscellaneous items to be put away. Franklin absolutely loves the new apartment! 250 more square feet for him to roam around in! And so far, no accidents outside of the litter box, thank god!
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