Thursday, August 18

Dirt Nap.

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(Here are six notable items. I've stockpiled them with links, just for your clicking pleasure.)

1. On Saturday, me and the Missus will be heading back home to Winneconne to participate in Ben & Sherry's second exchange of marriage vows. My tux is looking fly and I'm building up my Raspberry Wine Cooler tolerance in advance. Always the film student, Ben plans on filming the wedding from three different angles in his parents' backyard. I will have plenty of pictures to share. (If you click on the wedding link, you'll be sent back in time exactly one year, and you can check out my crummy old apartment, complete with crummy old furniture. Swell.)

2. After the wedding, the four of us will return back to Sun Prairie for the tradition that is the annual Sweet Corn Festival. Ben & Sherry veto'ed a trip to Wyoming for this occasion, so I hope it doesn't rain. There was supposed to be a parade on Main Street today to celebrate the kickoff, but there was a tornado warning. Personally, I enjoyed the tornado much more. Again, pictures will be taken, and gums will bleed. My Grandma pronounces "gums" as "gooms". It's pretty cool.

3. On the freelance writing front, I have three jobs in the works. First off, I'm still working out details for the big Of Montreal interview. They play in Madison on September 5, for those 'oot of the loop. Secondly, I'm in the process of reviewing Menos El Oso, the new album by the almighty MINUS THE BEAR. And thirdish, I've been in contact with another Madison newspaper interested in my work. More updates as news develops. By the way, Core Weekly has updated and redesigned their page. It's more professional now, but they still haven't published my crap, so you can always find it here.

4. I interviewed for a higher position at work on Wednesday. If I get the jorb, I could be making about $3.50 more per hour (that's an additonal $7,280 a year, for those keeping track). I smell a new used car! My new jorb will allow me to focus more on white-collar office life, as opposed to a life of being happily married and writing for a living.

5. Remember our trip to Mount Horeb together? Remember the Mustard Museum? The antique shoppe with the Nazi helmets? Well, 200 residents of Mount Horeb will be the stars of a new reality game show on ABC, called "My Kind of Town". Normally I wouldn't recommend something like this, but Mount Horeb is cool, small town Wisconsin is cool, and anything 15 minutes from my house is worth being on national television. THE SHOW AIRS THIS SUNDAY AT 8PM CENTRAL TIME!

6. A little over a year ago, I wrote a screenplay called "72 Hours". I can't believe you haven't read it yet! Anyways, I put the screenplay on Helium Exchange a long time ago, and watched it as it slid down the rankings faster than your grandpa's dress pants at a wedding reception. I checked in on it last week to see it sitting comfortably at #72, fittingly enough. By the way, Benjamin's script, Please Try Again, continues to hold onto the #21 spot, even after a year on the charts. Good for us, considering that there are over 600 scripts on that page.

So, there you have it. The tornado is getting closer to my house right now, so I'm done.

Fo' shizzle, Ike-a-zizzle.

If your gums bleed, you have gingivitis. You should look into that.
Did you all hear about the tornado near us? It was crazy, and all the destruction made the national news! USA! USA!

We're alive and well, by the way.
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