Sunday, August 28

We Will Become Silhouettes.

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Here's 5 quick things to tide you over.

1. The Missus is feeling better, slowly but surely. I took her to the zoo today, so it was nice to get her out of the house and whatnot.

2. The Of Montreal interview and Minus the Bear review have been submitted, and should hit the newsstands on Thursday. Core Weekly celebrated their 1-year Anniversary last week, so a congratulation is in order. To that guy who came on here so long ago and said it would fold in six months, well, I guess he was a little off. No hard feelings, dude. After pulling my hair out on those writings for the last three weeks, I plan on taking a much-needed few days off from hard-hitting journalism. Kevin Barnes' favorite football team is the Cleveland Browns.

3. Starting Wednesday, LOST will be airing back-to-back episodes in preparation of the long-awaited season 2 premiere. Not only that, but the season 1 DVD comes out on the 6th.

4. Here are 5 concerts I hope to be attending in the next month:

Saturday, September 3 - Architects - Journeys - Madison
Tuesday, September 6 - Of Montreal - Club 770 - Madison
Wednesday, September 7 - The Faint - The Rave - Milwaukee
Sunday, September 25 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! - The Annex - Madison
Thursday, September 29 - THE ARCADE FIRE - First Avenue - Minneapolis

(If you want any additional information about these shows, e-mail me at, or just look them up for your damn self.)

5. I spent this Saturday at a co-workers house, being trained in the art of home brewing. This consisted of several hours of manipulating grains, barley and hops, and drinking more beer in a single day that I ever have in my life. It was a really cool learning experience, and something I will never attempt on my own. I appreciate beer a lot more now that I know how it's made, but I still prefer chocolate milk and girly drinks.

During one of the drinking sessions, he handed me a glass and told me to drink. I drank, and he told me to tell him what it tasted like. Just then, his wife came into the house and said, "are you making him drink that infected beer?" The good news is that I can still see, and even the infected beer wasn't all that bad. I'll never trust anyone again. I'll talk more about home brewing in detail later, depending on if anyone is interested in hearing more.

We'll talk again this week, I promise. Until then, meet me in the comments area. Let's catch up like we used to. Like a family.

Infected with what? That is not funny.
I think I'm gonna go see Headphones open for Minus the Bear in October in OKC. Should be a hoot. I had lunch today with my friend and his wife, who likes Minus the Bear. I asked her what their music was like, and he said "Hibernation rock."
Are you going to see Children of Bodom on November 14? At the Rave? With my favorite band, Amon Amarth? Whom I have missed on all 3 stateside tours since I've known them, once by a week, once by 2 days, and once by 15 minutes because the damn show started early. I'm getting to the Rave that morning, and refusing to move until I see Johan. Hailz!
I will not miss them again!

Aaron and I are going to The Faint, if you're interested.
1. The beer was "infected", in that the oxidants and yeast were at levels where the grains were know what? Forget it.

All it meant was that it tasted bad, because the guy who brewed it (a friend of my co-worker) has a lot of cats in his house, and doesn't wash things.


He thought it was pretty funny, though, and once I got out of the hospital, I also had a good laugh.

2. That Headphones/MTB show should be a blast, I expect a full review. All that show needs now is the Postal Service, and it would be the best electronic/emotional/indie/side-project'y show ever.

3. I saw that Children of Bodom was headlining at The Rave, so I'll see what I can do aboot that. It's been so long since I've been to a metal show, I'm afraid I'll get my head ripped off, and my tender fluids drained from my skull. They really are good, though.

Yeah, I'll do whatever I can to go to that Faint show. They announced it on such short notice, I wonder how many people will be there.
Every time I've seen the Children, there hasn't been much of a pit, if any. I will personally guarantee that you won't be completely decapitated, and promise to bring along a roll of duct tape.
You should check out Amon Amarth. Nothin like some melodic black viking metal to cheer a guy up!
Ask Aaron, but I'm pretty sure he picked up an extra ticket for the Faint. He says it will sell out pretty fast.
If Aaron has an extra ticket, it's mine. I e-mailed him about it two days ago, but didn't get a response. Maybe he's mad at me because I was a jerk to his friends at the wedding.

Hey, wait a minute! I was nice to his friends! At least I thought I was.

Amanda, Cara and Ben.
No extra tickets, so get on it. It probably will sell out.
The Rave page says that they're opening for a Neil Diamond cover band, I swear to God.

I want to go, though. I'll see what I can do.
Now I'm confused... who's opening for whom? The Rave site has 2 shows listed... one with the Faint headlining, one with Super Diamond headlining. Same day, same time.
I don't care who's opening for whom, there's no possible way that I'd watch "Super Diamond" play. There must be something wrong with their calendar.

Pretty funny, though.
I'd watch Super Diamond play. If they're a Neil Diamond cover band, they've got to be pretty entertaining to be playing with the Faint. Seems like a joke, though.
It sounds like a mistake, is what it is.

Like I told the Missus last night, "If these two bands play together, people are going to get their asses kicked...and it's probably going to be the Faint."

Us skinny hipsters can't hold a candle to a Neil Diamond fan. You can't out-dance a punch in the neck.
MMMM infected beer
I don't drink and I find the idea of home-brewing pretty fascinating. I have a few friends that do it. And the barber shop where I got my hair cut from the time I was a small boy till I left town for college also sold beer and wine making supplies. That was always sort of a mystery to me, as a kid I suspected it must be illegal somehow because all that stuff was kept in the back room.
Yeah, I'm not a huge beer fan or anything, but for some reason, I'm drawn to the idea of home brewing or wine making. Maybe it's the sense of accomplishment, or a rebellious throwback to prohibition.

Home brewing is illegal only if you decide to start selling your stuff without the proper paperwork and whatnot. The guy I brewed with just makes it for himself and distributes it among his brewing buddies. You could also blow your house up.

Speaking of which, the batch I helped make should be ready any day now. I'm worried about it, because I couldn't stop sneezing into the vat.
I just called the Rave box office... according to Miss Answering Machine Message, September 7 is the Faint.. they didn't list anyone else on the show, though. The ticket I have says "The Faint" on it, so I would assume the Faint in headlining.

And you can't tell me a Neil Diamond cover band isn't entertaining. Saving Silverman! C'mon!!
I think a Neil Diamond cover band would be far more entertaining than the Faint.
Well, we all knew that was coming.

The more I think about it, the more she might be right. I mean, Wet From Birth is incredibly hit-and-miss, and Danse Macabre is about as cheesy as Miami Vice and Easy-Mac rolled into one.

I still like 'em though. They make me feel like a big man.
Well of course they do! Isn't the singer like 4 1/2 feet tall??
4'8" with heels.

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