Thursday, September 1

Increase Speed, Drop Down, Reverse Direction.

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Screw internet phenomenon, I want to be a castaway. Too subtle?

My new articles will be up in the writings section before you know it. You're going to love them.

The three-day weekend is upon us, use it wisely. I'll return with many a story, including full reviews of the Architects and Of Montreal shows in the next couple days.

Season 2 starts on September 21. I'm throwing a party at my house in honor of the occasion, and you're not invited. In fact, it's so exclusive, I'm not even invited. I bet it's going to rule, though.

I bet I'm invited, though.
If you're invited, you should let me tag along. I heard it's going to be off the hook.
You never cease to amaze me.
Yeah, I rock pretty much non-stop.

I don't think we can make it to the party because we will be on the way to DC, but we're probably not invited anyway.
I guess I will just have to download the episode from the internets.

The Arcitects show info is at this link.

Makes sense. We weren't invited to DC, so we'll call it even.

Thanks for the link, 'yo. See you tomorrow.
Woah, that's a good lineup. This should be a fun show. ACF was voted "Madison's Best Band" last year.
Just for the record, Awesome Car Funmaker is probably the dumbest name for a band I've ever heard...wait, no. 6 hour trip! haha. Just kidding.

Number One Fan is playing??? So does that mean that the Architects are the opening act? That would be really sad.
When we saw them play in Green Bay, they opened for The Obsoletes, and yesturday they opened for a cover band who opened for Rick Springfield.

I bet it was Super Diamond. Those guys are amazing.

I can't really tell who's headlining this show, but I would bet it's Number One Fan or ACF. If they start the show off, we can leave early, so I'm down with that.

Now that the Architects are on a significantly smaller label, have absolutely no booking agent or publicist to speak of and are lost in MySpace hell, it makes sense that they would be opening for a cover band. Sad but true, all talent aside.
I know, it's just sad to see a band that was once really a forerunner (sp?) in the local scene be reduced to opening for ruddy Number One Fan. (not that they aren't lovely people, because we all know they are. They're just tiny babies, though!)
Tiny babies with uncomfortably large heads. Like most babies, really.

The Architects haven't decreased in talent or drive or anything, they just need someone to get the word out again. I'm the man for the jorb.
And they ARE on TV, those big-headed Christians! (big in the literal sense, mind you)
Yeah, they're all over FUSE. Good for them, they deserve it.

I wish it would have been us instead, but hey, what are you gunna do?

Oh, I know! Be bitter! It's worked this long for me, I'm not giving up now.

By the by, I figured out the whole "Faint with Super Diamond" thing at the Rave. Apparently, the Rave is having a "Vegas spectacular", in which a Vegas theme is prevalent in...zzzzzzz.....
Really? How does the Faint fit in?
I know. It's like "Sin City Spectacular", which showcases a Neil Diamond cover band, a lounge act, some revue thing...and 5 crackers from Nebraska that think they're hot.

From the looks of it, it's just a good excuse for people to get wasted and shed clothing. I'm not interested, but it'll probably be a good time.

If it was just the Faint on their own, I'd probably be there, but I don't feel like wasting my time with a bunch of people I don't want near me. Las Vegas is so 1987.
Hmmm, that sounds craptacular!!!! I can't wait to not go!!!
Screw that, I'm still goin! Not like I have anything better to do that day.

So I quit Dan's today. I made it so the pumps had to be pre-approved from the inside so people couldn't drive off with gas after I left, and locked up at 5 o'clock.

I also changed the receipts, which nobody else knows how to do. I changed the bottom lines to read "Tell Your Mom Thanks - Love, Dan". What a jerk. That will go unnoticed for months. I even got another person to quit with me! All he's left with now is someone on vacation through tomorrow, 2 brand new people, and a new bitchy manager that doesn't know how to run the register or do anything else in the store. I feel much better now... you can't pass up the opportunity to screw that guy over on labor day weekend.
You know, Aaron was just telling me about this last night. Dan is such a jerk, I wouldn't feel even the slightest bit bad for doing that to him. Retail rebellion is the sweetest taboo.

However, he might try to kill you. I've heard him threaten people will all sorts of outcomes (death, lawsuits, etc.).

When Dan initially had Lemurs at the store, a young girl got bitten by one. Dan immediately called her parents, saying that if they even considered suing him, he would make sure they would lose their house, farm and everything they owned.

Unreal. I hope he loses $50,000 this weekend.
Hey, he told me and Nikki that if we didn't want the job, to just walk out. Any lawsuit on his behalf is negated by that statement earlier in the day. Ah, stupid, stupid Dan... what a crazy cokehead.
I'm pretty sure that if I go in there when he's there, he'll rip off my head. Nikki made me promise to go with her to get our last checks.
I don't think he'd lose that much money, but it was still fairly busy when I locked everything, so it should be quite a bit. I'm now at Bob's Citgo in Oshkosh, perhaps the most ghetto gas station in town. And looking for some additional work to help pay for bills. It's worth being short on cash for a few weeks to screw Dan.
Pride > Money.

You're in the Citgo bloodline now. There's no escape.
I went to Dan's yesterday and there was a sign on the door that read Help Wanted...must be responsible! The bitchy new manager was at the register and was complaning how she had to work until five because she could not find anyone responsbile to work. When I got back in the car I laughed my ass off.
(Rubs hands together maniacally)
I actually ran into the new manager's boyfriend' son (follow that one) at the new Citgo yesterday. He said that she brought everyone flowers the next day, and just sucked up to everyone. I know others are thinking of quitting now that Nikki and I did. He did agree that she and Dan deserved it, finding it hilarious.
You didn't happen to get a receipt while you were there, did you? If not, do it next time!
I want to drive to Wisconsin just to get a receipt. That's genius.
If my manager bought me flowers, I'd quit on the spot. That's weird.

If we're in the area this weekend, I'll certainly stop in for a receipt. If it's still on there, I'll post it on the page.

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