Tuesday, September 20

Link Party.

So, what are you watching tonight?
8:00 - House (FOX)
8:00 - Supernatural (WB)
8:00 - My Name Is Earl (NBC)
8:30 - The Office (NBC)

So, what are you reading right now?
The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions
The Book of Sudoku

So, what are you listening to right now?
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Broken Spindles - Inside/Absent
The Weakerthans - Fallow
The Good Life - Album Of The Year
(Various) - Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault: A Tribute To Jawbreaker
The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
Piebald - We Are The Only Friends We Have
Talking Heads - The Best Of Talking Heads
Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique

So, I have a question for Mutton Chop.
Send it to communistdance@yahoo.com

So, I have a mixtape suggestion.
Send it to communistdance@yahoo.com

So, I have a question about something else.
Send it to communistdance@yahoo.com

So, when does Lost start again?
Tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:00pm central time. It's proceeded by a Lost special at 7.

So, what's going on elsewhere in the CDP network?
The Girl From Mars shares her unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter.
Let's Eat Paste finds spooky contraband in a spare bedroom.
I Think This Is My Exit gets nostalgic and talks like a Pirate.
Teaonnie goes to military prison.
Finding Yourself Despite Yourself runs down her weekend.
Todd's Cavalcade Of Whimsy takes pictures in public places.

So, how do I get linked on the CDP?
Just link the CDP on your own Blog, and let the reciprocation begin. That, or come up with something that impresses me enough to link you. Send requests to communistdance@yahoo.com.

So, tenth and finally, what's coming up on the CDP?
COMING UP: Rejected Advice Columns.

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I like how all the blammers make it seem like they actually read your post. And that they'll actually be back.

"I'm definitely going to bookmark you!"

If I were to have automatically generated comments, I would be blatant about it.

"Hey! I don't care about you or what you have to say, but why don't you click this link?"

I'm one step away from permanently blocking unregistered comments. I'm sort of against the concept of blocking certain people out, but if you haven't registered yet, you must me some sort of fool.
How are you going to watch three things at once?

Which reminds me, I need to get my VCR set up to record Veronica Mars while my tivo records Lost tomorrow. I probably won't get to see either till Thursday or Friday, so I'll be avoiding Lost spoilers like the plague.

I will submit my guess is that the hatch is part of a crashed space ship.
My DVR allows me to record two things at once, provided I'm watching one of them. Still, that means that one show is getting axed.

Long story short, I'll be watching Supernatural when it's re-ran later in the week. Either that or record it on the VCR, which is way too much work. I just wanted the viewing public to know that I haven't lost faith in Supernatural...yet.

I won't put any Lost news on the CDP for a while, so you're safe here.
I was looking at the TV schedule via tivo's website, and it looks like My Name is Earl and The Office are airing again on Bravo later on Sunday night. I don't have Bravo, but cheers to them.

My tivo will only record one show at a time, dangit. I've been gypsied.
NBC bought Bravo, I think, so that would explain it. I'm almost positive they re-run Supernatural on Sundays as well (or at least some other night).

Yeah, I don't have a TiVO, I have a Moxi DVR that I orderd through Charter. I just call it a "TiVo" because everyone already knows what that is. You can record two shows at once, but you can't watch a third show at the same time.

My suggestion to the Missus was for us to buy a second box, so we could tape four shows at once.
I think you kids take TV way too seriously. Four shows at once!? Come on. Who needs that much TV. Go play outside.
You're lucky your wife does her homework or you wouldn't even know we could GET a fancy DVR through Charter :)
You saved me from a life of suntans and hand-shaking.

I love you.
Remember Celia how we used to play outside and you didn't care about TV. You'd actually laugh at me for wanting to go inside and watch a particular show.
Anyway, there's a special on Lost at seven tomorrow? Oh my god! I'm going to poop my pants when I see the word 'Lost' float across my screen all creepy-like with the creepy music and everything! I can't wait!
Sherry, there's a LOST special from 7-8, basically a season one recap for those just jumping in, along with some new stuff for us nerds.

Then from 8-9...well, you know.

LOST is one of like, two shows without a theme song (60 Minutes is another). It's the most simplistic and spooky show opener since the Twilight Zone.

Speaking of which, there's an easter egg on the DVD that shows the original show opening, before they decided to change it to the one we all know and love. I'm glad they changed it.
Sherry, I used to laugh at you because you had to go inside to watch Supermarket Sweep or Carmen Sandiago. (or however you spell)

I wouldn't watch so much TV if I hadn't married someone who was addicted to the dumb thing, but I'm stuck watching hours of TV now I guess. So much for hobbies!
I don't make you do anything. You can have any hobby you want. Like collecting pennies? Go for it. Into serial killer memoribilia? Knock yourself out.
You're both addicts.
Nah, the only thing that's lead us to watching more TV is Lost, and that's an extra hour a week. We really only take in an average of 3.5 hours a day (including weekends).

Personally, I'm just a pop culture nerd that pees his pants at the start of every promising Fall season. Give me one good week and I'll probably stop talking about TV altogether.

It's ironic, however, that alcoholics are concerned about how much television we watch. Try not to hospitalize yourselves in DC; if you need us, you know where we'll be.
Yeah, at least our addiction leaves our liver intact.

TV addiction will just make our eyeballs fall out, and who really needs those anyway? Seeing is highly overrated.
Eyes suck. Stevie Wonder got a 50-yard line seat at the Super Bowl last year, and why? Because he's blind, that's why. You could've stuck him in a public bathroom with a radio, and he would have never known the difference.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck watching the Super Bowl at home like a sucker.
Wait a minute....he's at the Super Bowl and he's BLIND? I don't even understand football, and I can see!!!! (relatively speaking)
Supermarket sweep is awesome! And so was Debt! Aww! I miss Carmen Sandiago! I wanna watch that right now!
I was reading some article about My Name is Earl or The Office, and they referenced something about having 19-3/4 minutes to tell a story... Are there now really more than ten minutes of commercials in a half-hour show?
Stevie Wonder has immunity in my book because he's awesome, but stay out of the Super Bowl, unless you're performing.

Debt was great. I especially liked Wink Martindale when he hosted High Rollers.

The trick on Debt was to go on the show with people who were more in debt than you. So, when they did the "average amount" of Debt to start everyone off, you actually had a chance of earning some net cash.

I saw a girl take a spill on Supermarket Sweep once, sending canned hams all over the place.

Carmen Sandiego ruled. It jumped the shark when they switched to the outer-space "Where in Time?" format. Gumshoes were way cooler than cadets. I think you got to keep the jacket, too.

Every now and then you got a kid on there who just rocked at geography, and won the final round in like, 20 seconds. I would have probably lost even if I got North America.

Well, I'm all nerded out.
The Office had a lot of commercials last night, but it was quite funny. The idea that he was doing costume changes and song parodies, just working SO hard to make the Dundies fun...that was brilliant.

House was great. The acting of the sick little girl almost rivaled Hugh Laurie.

My Name Is Earl was also pretty good. Jason Lee's character reminds me of every one of my Dad's friends. I'll watch it again, I was laughing pretty hard.
House and the Office were really good. Earl show was okay, but not my favorite. I don't like that type of humor all that much, and those redneck type people sort of freak me out a little. It was sort of funny, though. I think it ought to get better now that the plot is established.

I've never even HEARD of Debt. I never watched Carmen Sandiego or Supermarket Sweep. I did, however, love the Carmen Sandiego game they had on the old IBM's back in elementary school!
I was pleasantly surprised at Earl... I'll maintain my Season Pass to that. I hope it's a success, just because it's not sitcommy. "Hey crabman..."

I laughed out loud several times at The Office. I liked the analogy about taking kids to a b-day party, how there's absolutely nothing for you there, but you do it so the kids can have fun.

You need to check out the BBC version if you haven't yet. It's on a whole different level.
"It's called a ladies room for a reason...and if you can't act like ladies in there, you won't be allowed to have one."

"Oh no, you didn't just go old school!"

"...Straight out of Carson's mouth into my morphine laced ears."

I especially thought it was funny when the gay character referenced his shirt as being bought at Express Men.
Hey, nothin' wrong with being well-dressed! :)
Darn tootin'.
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