Thursday, October 27

Best News EVER.

Darren Aronofsky Will Direct 'Lost'

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(Taken from Entertainment Weekly Online.)

Who knew cult director Darren Aronofsky was a fan of the boob tube? The Requiem for a Dream helmer has just signed on to direct an episode of ABC’s Lost, which will likely air at the beginning of May sweeps. “It was one of those fantastic calls out of the blue,” says Lost exec producer Carlton Cuse. “His agents let us know he liked the show, and we jumped at the opportunity. Apparently, he had been watching Lost while up in Montreal shooting The Fountain and got hooked.” Speaking of which, won’t this interfere with completing The Fountain, the director’s six years-in-the-making sci-fi epic starring fiancée Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman? “I think he will be done,” speculates Cuse. “We scheduled it so that [the episode] is coming on the heels of finishing The Fountain. And we will try to put together a story that will be well-suited for Darren’s talents and visual imagination.”

My Goddamned head just exploded. I can't believe it.

Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap. Holy crap.

This episode is going to flat-out, freaking rule. Now that I can imagine it, this seems like a destined match made in heaven (The parallel about 'the numbers' is like something straight out of PI). Lost is insane enough as is, but Aronofsky's episode....oh man. I'm seriously giddy right now. Hooray for May sweeps!

Spill it in the comments section.

Buh. We can all look forward to a pompously shot, gratuitous episode. Again: buh.
Man, I hate Pi. But this will probably still be cool I think. snuh.
So much negativity.

It'll be cool. I promise.

Well, at least it will be good.

I mean, I hope it's good.

It better be good.

It might not be so good.

It's not going to be very good.

It's going to suck.

Worst news EVER.
Pasteguy has officially just made my day.
Just knowing that I helped a fellow human being is all the thanks I etc...
I must admit, "snuh" made me laugh.
What the dealio with the comment section on the new Lost Friday post? It's a gray blank page for me.
Yeah, that was Blogger's fault, but I think it's all better now. Works for me, at least.

I was almost ready to e-mail them, then it started working again. They're lucky, because I was ready to bring down their whole organization.
I refuse to read your two last Lost posts for fear of spoilers. I'm going to wait until after Lost next Wednesday to view them! I'm saving myself until then!.
Interesting, I didn't think you were a big fan of "saving yourself."

BURN! Oh man, I'm totally sorry, but you set me up like crazy. Yeah, my posts are a bit too "spoiler-tastic" for some, but eventually you can back in their awesome-ness.

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