Sunday, October 23

You Make Me Sick.

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Who says we never get out of the house?

In the spirit of Autumn, me and the Missus hit the open road every now and again, in search of small towns and moderately-priced scented candles. This week was no exception, as we took a few days off of work, piled into the CDP-mobile (The Wild Stallion), and fled Madison.

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Here's the damage:

One six-pak of assorted brews, courtesy of the New Glarus Brewery. I picked up some Octoberfest beer, Barley Wine, some Bock and the world-famous Spotted Cow.

One bottle of spiced Concorde wine, courtesy of the Cedarburg Winery.

One cappuccino scented candle, courtesy of "Shoppes on the Square" in New Glarus.

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One batch of the best beer-battered cheese curds I've ever tasted, courtesy of the "Old Mill Inn" in Cambridge.

Several assorted German chocolates and miniature bottles of schnapps, courtesy of a shop in Cambridge or Fort Adkinson.

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One bottle of Apfelmost spiced apple wine, courtesy of the Primrose Winery.

One of the best grilled cheeses you can purchase in southern Wisconsin, courtesy of the Hotel New Glarus.

A half-pound of Milk chocolate and Pumpkin fudge, along with some cookie-dough ice cream along the way.

There may have been more, but I'm shady on the details because I'm drunk, wired beyond control and haven't gone to the bathroom in days. Okay, none of that is true.

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Yesterday, my Mom and Grandma came down to visit, which was a pretty good time. If anything, it was the perfect excuse to spring the birthday/Christmas present on my Mom earlier than expected. Her birthday is on November 28, but we have a hard time hanging onto a present when we have it all wrapped and whatnot, so we had to give it to her on Saturday.

What was the present? It was a new Kodak digital camera with printer and dock. We figured that she would want it before Thanksgiving and Christmas, so she could actually use it for the holidays; it was really a no-brainer. She was happy. We were happy. Heck, the world was happy.

The only drawback of the day was that everyone was sick but me. Every pause in conversation was met with an earth-shattering sneeze or cough, as fellow tourists and day-trippers side-stepped and avoided the sicklings.

Then came Sunday. The storm clouds rolled in, the Packers lost and my car broke down. I can deal with these setbacks, but I don't have to tell you that it really sucks when your car starts screwing with you. I'll be spending my Monday off taking the Wild Stallion to the dealership for a no doubt expensive overhaul.

Until then, you can expect to find me and the Missus curled up in front of our first roaring fire of the season, deeply breathing in the delightful cappuccino candle. We'll be sipping spiced wine, nibbling on chocolate and cheese and watching game 2 of the World Series.

Tomorrow, it's back to business. What have you been up to?

Sorry about the constant sneezing and nose blowing. It's funny how you end up in a gift shop by yourself when you do that. We had a great time despite the cold and allergy problems. I love the presents,thank you so much!
If you're a fan of LOST, check out official lost web site tv show
So it's a TV show about the Official Lost Website?

I had to work all Weekend. From 10:00AM to 3:00PM i was walking around the intersection of Lombardi and Oneida dressed in a cheesy Darth Vader costume and holding a sign for half off halloween stuffs at K-Mart. Did I mention it qwas raining? It was raining.

I think I was only awake for about 2 hours on Sunday. I wasn't feeling too well. I don't think I've ever slept that much in my life. All at once, anyway. I also puked a lot. No fun at all.
I'm glad you liked the present, and I hope you're feeling better.

I'm only leaving that BLAM! up because it's actually not all that bad. I don't endorse it, but a Lost site is a lot better than an online medication site.

They made you stand in the rain to peddle the costumes? Weak. Why was it a cheesy Darth Vader costume? Was it cheap and poorly constructed? You should have asked them to wear one of your own design, that would rule. Like that one you wore to our last show that made you look like Jesus.
Sorry about that, Aaron. I've been there, and it's a really awful feeling. Take lots of medication, stock up on Kleenex and take it easy.
Now I'm getting hungry for a grilled cheese sandwich again. Time to work out a trip to Wafflehouse.

I promise not to BLAM! you with Madison concert stuff anymore, but Eef Barzelay of Clem Snide is playing a free show wednesday at Indie Coffee. And you can rub elbows with Stephen Thompson who used to write music reviews for The Onion, he's a huge Clem Snide fan. I may have to move to Madison for the concert scene.

Darth Vader in the rain, I like it. Shouldn't K-mart be out of business by now?
All the K-Marts in Madison have been converted to Big Lots, but there are a few that still thrive. In fact, I think the only surviving K-Marts in Wisconsin are the ones that Ben has worked for. He's single-handedly keeping that franchise afloat.

The Madison concert scene is pretty decent, and there's plenty of people to rub elbows with. I'll talk to the Missus and see if she wants to check this 'oot. I've been meaning to give Clem Snide a listen, perhaps this will tell me what I need to know.

I was watching "Ghost Hunters" on SciFi last week, and they were at a haunted Arkansas hotel. It was insane. Know anything about that?

HANK: You know who should carry that Olympic torch? That boy who works at the wafflehouse. His Jesus shirts are an inspiration to us all, and he buses tables faster than most two-armed folk.

PEGGY: No he doesn't.
I never thought about it, but Ben must be keeping these stores in business. He should demand a raise.
He must be a damn good employee. For as much trouble and layoffs K-Mart has been through, he's always had a jorb there. Seriously, they should give him something in corporate or marketing.
Where in Arkansas was the haunting to have taken place? This whole state is practically haunted.

We do have the fastest table busser in the nation (or if there were official rankings for that, I'm sure he would be). He works at Village Inn in Fayetteville AR. It's amazing. He's been there for years. If you're ever in the area, stop in there for a grilled cheese.

Didn't K-mart buy Sears a couple years ago?
I think they bought Sears with bits of string.

I don't know how they pulled that off...being bankrupt and all. The business world can be funny sometimes.
"Okay Sears, we'll trade you the company for this string and a small order of fries. And all reserved rights to Ty Pennington."

Okay, it was the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, which looks to be pretty darn close to Paste Headquarters.

They went there, and caught one of the scariest pieces of paranormal footage I've ever seen, and I've seen a ton. The place looks to be haunted to the gills. Are you familiar with it?
I bet they're just going to use Sears a couple times and then try to return it to get their money back. That's what people do at Sears.

Eureka Springs is not too far from me, an hour or so probably. I've only actually been twice. Lots of quaint shops and it's kind of a neat atmosphere I guess. Lots of bed and breakfast type places, historic bathhouses, shops, etc... I don't remember seeing any ghosts, but it has been a while. It's sort of the Las Vegas of Arkansas, in that people go there to get married.
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Sears: Where I go when I'm sick of Target. I don't think I've bought anything there in years, not because it's a bad store or anything, they just have nothing I want. The last thing we bought there was a treadmill 2 years ago.

Yeah, Eureka Springs looked pretty neat in that "old-timey, quaint" way. Maybe you're not a good conductor of ghosts, because you went to Cain's Ballroom and saw nothing there, either.
That's funny... Sears is where I went when Target got sick of me. Or more so, sick of my position. Didn't you guys buy a shirt of something in there? That was much less than 2 years ago. It was just about 2 months ago. Jerkass. That merger was kind of screwed up.. all we got out of the deal was Martha Stewart paint.

In typical Miller fashion, I spent Wednesday thru Saturday nights in a drunken haze, interrupted only by sleep. Then worked Sunday night.
Here's my Target slogan, I should send this to their marketing dept.

"Target is like Walmart except that everyone's wearing a shirt."

Maybe that's only funny to people in Arkansas.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts.
Correction, RJ. My MOM bought me something at Sears. By the way, I put your link up in the sidebar. Where are my World Series tickets?

Target is so superior to Wal-Mart it's insane. When I got to Target, I never see people shopping in their pajamas.
We bought the chocolates in Cambridge. We didn't buy anything in Fort Atkinson, because there is nothing there. It's a wizarding community and us common Muggles can't see all the magic that's going on around us.

The Fireside Dinner Theatre is neat, though. Helmut Ajango rules!
The Gobbler rules. You should all check out my Gobbler link in the sidebar.

I forgot that Fort Adkinson was just a fake front for underground wizarding. Damn uppity wizards.
party, hurricane, folding a pile of laundry that is taller and probably weighsmore than myself.. today i have family coming and hiding from the hurricane damage - weee. Thankfully we are not snotastic
I'm really glad you weren't in the path of destruction, but probably not as happy as you are. Here's wishing you and your family the best down there in Florida. Stay strong, brutha'.
It's Fort Atkinson, honey, unless you're deliberately placing a "d" in there to create some play on words that I do not understand.

Didn't you see those huskies? They clearly had magical properties.
"Atkinson." Sorry, I didn't even realize I was doing that. Stupid magical town.

What really frightened me about that place was that I only saw about 2 other people, tops. Fellow muggles, no doubt.
Probably on their way to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.
You're going to hell, I hope you know that. Harry Potter is nothing but a gateway to the occult. Just like the way the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack got me into disco.

Stupid BeeGees.
Stay tuned to some religious channel tonight to find out how Harry Potter is related to Wicca!
Stay tuned to some religious channel tonight to find out how Harry Potter is related to Wicca!
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