Monday, November 7

Link Party - Tired & Lazy Edition.

Here are some links to tide you over while I put the finishing touches on the Boycott Unity Retrospective. I was at a get-together on Saturday and the Packer game on Sunday, so I fell behind a bit. Enjoy your Monday, and let us know how you're spending it in the comments section.

1. Man gets rear-end glued to toilet seat at Home Depot. Man sues for pain and suffering; hopes it will stick. Glued and Sued

2. Gorillas star in new reality show. Melons and tick-bath to the victor. Gorilla Reality Show

3. Candidate promises cows to public if elected. Chickens unavailable for comment. Sri Lanka Cows If Elected

4. High School basketball team loses 112-2. Losing coach demoted to teaching shop full time. 112-2 Basketball Game

5. Graffiti artists should have their thumbs cut off, says communist who doesn't appreciate tag art. Cut Off Their Thumbs

6. Glue Story #2 - Jilted lover glues man shut. Punch line not available. Glue Story #2 - Genitals

7. Meet Canada's richest cat. Owes wealth to high-yield Kibble investment accounts, and a dead owner. Canada's Richest Cat

8. Pirates? PIRATES!!! Kenya Pirate Attack

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112-2... Now I'm a sports hater, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. At some point shouldn't the winning coach tell his guys to stop scoring so aggressively, just in the interest of being a good sport?

Anyway... I went to Tulsa to see Nickel Creek last night and it was very cool. They covered Britney Spears' Toxic and it was very funny, and surprisingly good. Here's an mp3 of it recorded from a different show.
Thanks for the MP3. I didn't listen to it yet, but I will.

Nickel Creek was or will be in Madison very soon. By the way, how was Minus the Bear? I may be checking them out in Milwaukee tomorrow.

According to the news article, the coach pulled all of the starters at halftime, but he really should have pulled them once the first quarter was over. Most High School coaches are lumpy guys who never had a chance to excel in sports on their own, so they have to live vicariously through the kids. I bet he loved every second of it, although it was completely classless and wrong.

Mr. Vandervelden, you're a schmuck!
I liked Minus the Bear. Some of it I liked a whole lot, and some of it sounded all the same to me. I'd probably have enjoyed it if I already knew their stuff going in. It was also the typical too-loud muddy-sounding small-rectangular-room club PA. Headphones only played five songs. But I got to talk with David Bazan afterwards and he knew who I was from the online Pedro forum.

Martin Sexton opened for Nickel Creek, he was an incredible performer. One of the best opening acts I've ever seen, and he brought the house down. He was doing drum sounds and electric guitar solo sounds with his mouth. Incredible vocal range, too. His mannerisms reminded me a lot of Jack Black, tons of energy. To top it all off, the actual songs and lyrics were good.
Nickel Creek does a much better job on toxic. Ryan, you do know they are country, right?

Remember when I told Mr. Vandervelden that he was arrogant?
If you go to the Minus the Bear show tomorrow, my cousin's band, Call Me Lightning, is opening for them. I think they are pretty good. Also, today for my health class, Tony Litlle was mentioned in the lecture about exercise equipment. I feel as if I am finally getting my moneys worth on this whole college thing.

Yeah, I would think that Minus the Bear wouldn't be too good if the mix was bad. I probably won't go see them tomorrow because I've got a cat (Gabe) in the hospital, and he's my first priority.

That being said, I'll still look into Martin Sexton AND Call Me Lightning. Welcome back, Andrew!

Tony Little needs his own VH1 "CelebReality" show. "Life With Little."

Mr. Vandervelden is a schmuck. It felt better the second time.
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Call Me Lightning frickin' rules. Ryan, I think I played their CD for you one time, but you probably weren't paying attention.
I probably was paying attention, but didn't match the name to the music. I'd like to go, but I don't have a ticket. Aaron, do you think I could pick one up at the door or something? Are you going with Ben?

I'm trying to piece everything together to see if I could possibly go. Give me some info, yo'.
Yeah, you can get in at the door. I don't think Mad Planet ever sells out a show. Especially not the 21+ ones.
That makes me feel better. It's at 9, so I'll have time to get there. I might actually go to this thing.
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