Tuesday, December 20

Please Stand By.

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Year-end festivities are on the way.

In that case, I'm a total rebel.
This cartoon rules, mainly because it reminds me of Boycott Unity, the greatest comic strip of all time.
I like this better than the album review because when your over 40 you really don't know much about that kind of music. I thought one of the best albums was LeAnn Womak, "There's more where that came from". See...
Lucky for you, the album countdown is over and done with. Better still is that I can get away with a post that I didn't even write.

Just think, in just a couple of weeks I can get back to 11 months of rambling and self-importance again. I honestly can't wait.
There are some albums on my list that I think you would like. Ben Folds, Franz Ferdinand, Bright Eyes, Feist and Sufjan Stevens are right in your wheelhouse.

Otherwise, I picked up the best of the Mamas & the Papas last month, and I know you'd dig that.
When I get up on the weekends, I play "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" and pretend that I'm Desmond in the hatch.
Yeah! Are you making me a cd of all the songs you think I will like?
If I have time tonight, I could piece something together. No promises, though.

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