Tuesday, January 10

Sucks To Be You. (I Know, I Know.)

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Guess who's back?

After a six-year hiatus following their quadruple-platinum debut, PROZZAK finally returns with their honest-to-goodness sophomore full-length, Cruel Cruel World. I know that somewhere in between, Prozzak released the fantastic 'Ready, Ready, Set, Go/Saturday People,' but that was a mish-mosh of old and new material. The wait is over; the time for animated, lovelorn dance-pop from Canada is now.

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Okay, so Simon and Milo look a little different since we last saw them (necks?). According to Simon, he's been pumping a lot of iron and getting into better shape to find that one true love, so you gotta hand it to the brother for trying. BUY CRUEL CRUEL WORLD NOW!

Speaking of lovelorn Canadian synth-pop...

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The Pettit Project have emerged from the shadows as well to bring us 6 Week Summer Vacation In Hell, their first album since 2004's cheeROCKracy. Video game influenced, nerd influenced, 'why can't you see how it could be?' influenced, the Pettit project is your favorite guilty pleasure, or the most annoying thing you can listen to if you're over 16. For me, it's both. BUY PETTIT STUFF NOW!

I saved the best for last.

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Finally, I turn to POLYSICS, the I-crap-you-not greatest band in the world. The hardest working Japanese-spazz-synth rock band on the planet returns with Now Is The Time! along with their greatest hits compilation, Polysics Or Die!!! With such an incredibly vast and hard-to-find catalog, Polysics Or Die!!! is a great way to catch up on the J-Pop phenomenon. Usually, the imports will run you about $40, but some of their albums get re-released in the states, as is the case with Die!!! I found my copy at Best Buy for $12, and I cried at the cash register.

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Honestly, Polysics will change your life if you let them in. Hayashi can make the most horrific sounds come out of his guitar and mouth that you've never even imagined in your most tripped-out nightmares. The snyth work is neck-breaking and they only know one speed; murder. Their third full-length album, For Young Electric Pop, is the greatest pop record of all time; their debut album, Hey Bob! My Friend! is the loudest and most gratingly raw album I've ever heard. Nuff' said.

Three guilty pleasures in one day? Believe it, baby.

Besides the CDP, what's yours?

I do enjoy good snyth work.
Other synth bands can't even touch what Polysics bring to the electronic table. It's out of this world. Hayashi is a mad scientist/pure genius in every sense of the word.

You have no idea how excited I was to see Polysics Or Die!!! at Best Buy last night. I was literally one day away from dropping $75 and buying both new albums from YesAsia.com or Amazon, but apparently someone asked for it at BB, and I reaped the sweet $12 reward. I still need Now Is The Time!, but it ain't no thang.

Having Prozzak back in my life is like running into an old friend that you actually want to talk to.
I don't know if you caught your typo or now. I was making fun, though.

I've never given the Polysics an honest chance, because I can't get past the vocals. Every sign points to "You should like this band" and I just can't do it.

Snythesizers rule.
Making fun of you, and then I make a typo myself. now = not.
Man, it took me about 8 read-throughs before I realized that I wrote 'snyth.' Good looking out; but karma got you in the end.

I won't edit the original post because it's kind of funny, and the comments won't make any sense if I correct it. You'll just look crazy.

A word on Polysics vocals. Hayashi only sings/shrieks on about 60% of the tracks. The rest of the time it's either a robotic computer voice or Fumi & Kayo; the two coolest Japanese girls ever. They make everything fun!

(Insert "Revenge Of The Snyth" joke here.)
Someday I'll give them an honest listen. The overwhelming awesomeness of the snyths will win me over, for sure.
Whoa...that guy from the Attractive Female Twins is in the Pettit Project now. He's not from Canada, he's from Wisconsin. Is that legal?

That's cool that Mr. Attractive Female Twins is in TPP now. Makes sense, if you think about it. Wisconsin isn't Canada, but we're really close to it, so maybe nobody will notice. In fact, Wisconsin is the closest thing to Canada you'll find in the states. You can quote me on that.
"I've never given the Polysics an honest chance, because I can't get past the vocals. Every sign points to "You should like this band" and I just can't do it."


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