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Year Of The Snake.

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Too Much Coffee Man is one of my absolute favorite new comic strips. I swear, every week he comes up with something that I wish I would have thought up, but didn't. There's not a lot of cartoons that hit the nail on the head with so much frequency, which is why I showcase TMCM here from time to time.

Thursday: CDP Playoff Preview.
Friday: The Very First 'Commie!'

I liked it better when I thought a girl was drawing it :(
I've done this so many times; fallen in love with an idea, and blowing it all before I can even make a usable plan around it. It's why I don't have more screenplays lying around.

It's like my stupid karaoke thing. I keep telling everyone how badly I want to sing 'Careless Whisper' during an open-mic night; and once I do it, nobody will care because they're already burned out on the idea.

I love this cartoon.
I don't like that Careless Whisper joke. The only thing I like less than that is probably your Dr. Phil impression. Or maybe your quoting that Mitch Hedburg (sp?) fellow.
I've found that if you listen to Mitch Hedberg enough, you'll start to talk like him without realizing it.

But he's worthy to be quoted at any given time of any given day. And Ryan will do 'Careless Whisper' soon enough...
In concert, Ben Folds did Careless Whisper with Rufus Wainright, it was awesome.
What do you mean he comes up with something? That strip is written by a chick, dude!
Until someone tells me otherwise, TMCM is written by a man. I read an interview with him, for crying out loud! If it IS written by a woman, then I'll like it even more, because women can't draw funny comic strips. Name one.

Ben Folds knows what's good and what's funny. He's the total package; but the Missus thinks he's elfin and swears too much. Can't argue with that. Bottom line; Careless Whisper is a good song.

I like my Dr. Phil impression more than my Mitch impression, but they're both not without their charm. I should work up a bit where Mitch is on the Dr. Phil show.
You need to own your Dr Phil impression.
Oh, it's really something special. I pretend my finger is a moustache (always comic gold), and spout wisdom like:

"It's like having the cat pee in the margarine and calling it butter!"


"It ain't about you!"

and my personal favorite,

"Let's do it!"

The key is the Texan accent. The ladies love it.
I'm going to remember this for my next box social.
Gentleman- "There's a fly in my drink!"

Homer- "I put it there, as a joke."

Gentleman- "You did? Pure hilarity! I pronounce it to be the most whimsical joke of the season! Three cheers for Homer!"
I'm not trying to be cromulent, but it's "whimsical jig," isn't it?

Actually, I googled it and there are more references to whimsical joke, but I'm almost positive it's jig.
Yeah, it certainly might be 'jig.' One of us has to watch the DVD with the captioning on. What season is that ep. from?

It's going to bug me until I get home. I'm taking the afternoon off.
Yo, Paste! I just read on Pitchfork that Pedro the Lion is disbanding. Was this unexpected, or something they've been kicking around for a bit?
PTL was always pretty much David Bazan's deal with an ever-changing band lineup. TW Walsh has been part of that lineup for the last couple years, and TW left for family reasons (making enough to support them, and being away from them so much), Dave said he thought TW had become an integral part of Pedro, and wasn't interested in continuing Pedro without his involvement (even though TW thought he should). I think it's just Dave's excuse for dropping the Pedro the Lion deal and just going "solo." So anyway, yeah, Pedro's broke up, but David Bazan is still touring and making music, which is the important part to me.

In February, he's doing a tour with Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), Will Johnson (Centro-matic) and Vic Chestnut, and they'll all accompany eachother. I'm gonna try to get up to Lawrence KS to see it. I see it's going through Madison WI on Feb 18. It's being billed as the Undertow Orchestra.
I probably should have read the Pitchfork article before repeating it all back to you.
Nah. Effort is always appreciated here. Thanks for the insight.

As long as David Bazan isn't leaving the 'biz, all is right with the world.
It is indeed jig.
I've never felt more outcast.

Or OutKast, if you will. Hey-Ya!
I will. Shake it like a polaroid picture.

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