Thursday, February 23

The Perfect Spring Is Waiting Somewhere.

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The CDP is taking a mini-vacation to the Twin Cities, and will return early next week.

Where are we going, you might ask? Well, the haunted Bed and Breakfast where me and the Missus got married is calling our names, and who are we not to answer? I mean, really, who are we? We're looking forward to a few days of rest, relaxation, a psychic reading, ghosts by the truckload and the Mall of America, in that exact order. It'll also be nice to get away from the neighbors for a while. Who knows? Maybe when we come back, she'll finally be pregnant. The neighbor, I mean. Not the Missus.

There will be no Lost Friday this week, as they showed a re-airing of the two-hour pilot episode. I'll be back next week with photos and witty banter; along with ghost stories, a brand new Lost Friday and the assorted goodness you've come to expect here at the CDP. I'm actually just taking this vacation to gather new material.

Until then, fill up the comments section with random chatter, and take care of the place while I'm gone. See you soon.

I expect some good ghost stories when you get back.
You deserve a break, the near-daily blog updates have been impressive and shaming to me.
Awww.... have fun guys! Man, I wish that I could talk to Sharon...

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