Monday, February 20

Very Emergency.

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How do you cope? Sound off in the comments section, and enjoy your Monday.

Before you go, I've got some hardware to hand out.

Image hosting by Photobucket This week's Commie Award is being given to the entire United States Olympic Team. They're receiving this award mainly because it's the only accolade they're going to be getting this time around.

Every two years, I can always look forward to the inevitable choke that is the US Olympic Team. Thank you for once again not letting me down. Enjoy your award, and make sure everyone gets to spend a night alone with it, crying and wondering where it all went so very wrong.

Okay, now you can leave. See you tomorrow.

I like that Promise Ring album, I've not listened to it in a long time.

My favorite winter olympic event is the one where they tear down the old house and then build a whole new one in a week. I think some sick little girl won or something. It was on last night.

I kind of felt bad for the that USA snowboarder Visa-commercial chick, I don't think she was really showing off or grandstanding when she fell. She could have just as easily caught an edge like that if she'd done a straight no-frills jump. I don't know if this really applies or not... In my bmx'ing days, I know that on jumps where you're in the air for a while, those little twists help you keep control of your position in the air, even if they make it look like you're trying to look stylish or whatever. I think commentators are just looking for some drama.
Very Emergency is great winter-nostalgia music. You should bust it out sometime today and think of Wisconsin.

It should be noted that I normally don't miss Extreme Makeover: Home edition, but I did last night. Sure, it's nothing but a sentimental Sears commercial, but I like to see the cool house at the end. I also need to acknowledge your joke, which was humorous in nature and form.

You're probably right about the US snowboarder. I mean, has anyone taken the time to ask her yet? Instead, everyone jumps all over her like she deserves to lose for showboating. I think she's bummed enough as is.

You need to put up some old-skool BMX photos.
Yes, I do need to dig out some bmx photos for blogging purposes. A couple months ago I think I threw away a bunch, because I had a whole lot of them, but I know I kept some of them.
Sadly, they're from earlier on in my BMX/freestyle career, I don't know why I never took pics later on. In any case, that's a good idea.

Thanks for acknowledging my joke. It's a pleasure working with you.

We've got our own winter going on down here this weekend, the first sticking snow and ice we've had all year. You would laugh at how quickly they cancel stuff here for a bit of snow. Though, they're not equipped to salt, sand, and scoop the roads here like they are up north. That, and noone who's from here knows how to drive on the stuff.
BMX it up! If you don't put up a new post at least once a season, I think Blogger takes your blog away and gives it to some 13 year old who writes poetry. You really don't want that.

Us Wisconsinites always laugh and point when we see coastal and southern states lose their collective bowels when an inch of snow falls. It's true though, people forget to drive and mass panic sets in. The same thing happens up here when we get a bunch of it after a drought.

We got nine inches last week in less than 4 hours, then it dropped to 20 below. The plows and salt could only do so much, and we're all just driving over the remaining 2 inches of steamrolled snow that's sure to stay until late May.

Back from the frozen tundra. I just wanted to report back on my WI trip...

One hell of a cold "hot lap". That's for sure...

I was up in Siren, where Molly Engstrom is from. So I must say, bashing the US teams over in Italy was a sad thing to see on your site today... I have never seen how the small towns can go INSANE over having one of their own in the Olympics. Warmed my heart... almost, the high of -11 on Friday froze that baby right up again.

Anywho, Had a blast in your state! I drank so much and slept so little I feel like I have returned from Vegas. I have a bruise so big on my leg... and I have no idea where I got it. I realized I returned with one less bra and pair of pants. Gained one workman's glove and a toothbrush (used. I wonder who has mine...). And one armpit (I'm not kidding here) is shaved.

Can't wait to go back! People up there are NUTS!
Yeah, some of us have serious issues up here. It's because of the heat. Makes it hard to think.

Wow, it sounds like you had a great time here in Wisconsin. One thing you'll notice is that midwesterners have an odd sense of humor; one you wouldn't normally expect from northern folk. We're super neat that way.

Sure, you lost some clothing during your trek, but you gained a used toothbrush, a thigh bruise and one shaved underarm. Sounds like you came out on top.

Just to clarify, it's not like I want the US Olympic team to chunk it every year, it just seems like that's the way it goes. I was rooting for our speed skating Madison native like crazy last week.

You're welcome back here anytime, just call a few hours in advance so I can clean the place up.
WOW! Somebody is getting cranky without their weekly Earl/Office fix!! Only one more week. Thank the good Lord Lost is on ABC or I'm guessing there would be trouble with a capitol Norris at the examiner office!

CUST "Hi, I need.."
CDP: "NO!, NEXT!!"
CUST "But, I need.."
CDP: delivers lethal roundhouse kick to head. "I bet you don't even care!!"

Seriously, I have been working 4 to midnights the the last couple of weeks. We watch the Big O every night. It has been okay. USA is doing well. I watched Jacobellis' run and it definately looked like a Frontside Method.

On driving here on the Cape. It is very true that when the first snow of the winter or rainstorm of the summer hits, everyone looks around like this sort of thing has never happened before. But, please take into account that around here the average age of a driver is 85. So my theory is that a mild form of Altzeimers has taken root that is affected by the weather. So the next time you throw money away on frivilous research like cures for cancer. Remember the millions suffering from Weather Effected Vehicular Ability Disease.
It's my dream to see a cure for WEVAD in my lifetime. I don't want to pass it down to the next generation. Look for this, along with answers to all your WEVAD questions in my monthly WEVAD newsletter, sponsored by WEVADCORP.

The Olympics is fun to watch, mainly because there's nothing else on for these two weeks. Between you, me and the fencepost, I'm really looking forward to ladies figure skating tomorrow. There's something quite special in seeing an 85 pound woman that's far more athletic than I could ever be.

As far as work goes, luckily I don't have to deal with the public on a daily basis. I've been going through my detox in private, but it's still been plenty tough. In fact, I'll be going on a small vacation at the end of the week.
MAD TV Saturday night had a pretty funny bit on figure skating. Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corrola were color commentaters with a decidedly Manshow twist. I won't get into the gory details, but "those are a pair of happy thumbs" Had me on the floor.
My 5 stages of grief? Stage 1: Remebrance. Stages 2-5: Booze.

Anyhow, I had a pizza from Glass Nickel today... according to the box, there's one in Sun Prairie. I would recommend it, and they have a few specialty veggie pizzas. Myself, I had one called the "Cardiac Arrest"... literally, a heart attack in a box. Delicious!

I'm a little drunk right now... went out after work, and ended up getting some free shots by playing bar dice with a few guys. Oi!
One of my favorite figure skating sketches is from a SNL episode in the 90's hosted by Jason Priestley. If you ever see it re-run on cable, check it out. Also, because the musical guest that night was Teenage Fanclub.

Glass Nickel rules. They have pasta alfredo pizzas, mac and cheese pizzas, calzones to beat the band. It's a Madison staple.

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