Tuesday, March 7

5 Things That Exist.

1. "Hey, what are you watching tonight?"

7:00-8:00 - American Idol (FOX)
8:00-8:30 - Sons & Daughters (ABC)
8:30-9:00 - Sons & Daughters (ABC)
8:00-9:00 - House (FOX/TiVo)

Tonight, we get to see if Sons & Daughters can capture the Arrested Development-style of sitcom they're shooting for. No laugh track, documentary-style camera work and many ad-libbed lines place S&D squarely in the AD mold, but will they be as clever?

2. "Hey, what's on your mind today?"

First off, Streetlight Manifesto's re-working of the 1998 classic Keasbey Nights is finally out today. According to frontman Thomas Kalnoky, Victory Records wanted to re-release the album with perhaps some new cover art, but no change in recording. Kalnoky didn't like the idea of fans possibly spending money on essentially the same album with no changes, so Streetlight remade the album, knowing that Victory was going to re-release it regardless. So, if you like Keasbey Nights (still easily one of my top 10 favorite albums ever), pick up the re-release, and know that Streetlight put some elbow grease into it.

Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire comes out today as well. Don't tell the Missus, but there will be a copy waiting for her when she comes home from work today. I rule, pretty much.

According to a few online news sources, Darren Aronofsky will NOT be directing an episode of Lost this season. Due to scheduling conflicts (fiancee' Rachel Weisz is pregnant, yo), he's got other things to do. Maybe season three, perhaps.

Yanni got arrested, and that's always funny.

3. "Hey, what are you reading?"

Naked, by David Sedaris.

4. "Hey, what are the last 10 CD's you've listened to?"

Michigan: Sufjan Stevens
Broken Social Scene: Broken Social Scene
Irresistible Bliss: Soul Coughing
The End: Three 6 Mafia
With Love And Squalor: We Are Scientists
Blank Wave Arcade: The Faint
Keasbey Nights: Catch-22
In Case We Die: Architecture In Helsinki
Rock And Roll Part Three: Ozma
Greatest Hits: James Brown

5. "Hey, what else is going on this week?"

Nothing much. The house is spotless and the bills are paid, so we're just looking for things to do. I've been shopping around for a notebook so I can write even more than I do now, and my boss is on vacation, so I'm taking it easy around the office. I'll possibly be attending a ceremony at the Capitol Building today, in recognition of the $37,000+ I helped raise for charity. I'm pretty proud of that, it looks good on a resume, and I think they serve cake.

What's going on with you? Sound off in the comments section, and make your plans known.

I'm glad they finally arrested that Yanni bastard. Yanni... more like, Yawnee.

S&D looks promising from the reviews I've read. I need to remember to change up my Tivo to record it instead of Scrubs. I'm going to have some conflict if these shows regularly air at the same time. From the reviews I've read, it's got a lot of similarities to AD, but the characters are more real, which should be interesting. The clips I've seen have been pretty funny.

I'm curious what you think of Sufjan's Michigan compared to Illinois. I actually like Michigan better, just because it's a little more subdued. Plus, Romulus makes me cry and I like that.
Did you get to go to the capital? Also, I went online to look for that notebook and there were several models, which one is it? Not that I can afford it I was just looking.
paste and I posted at the same time, it was strange.
I think it was the Compaq V2000 series. $499 after rebate; you can't beat that.

I did NOT get to go to the Capitol, essentially because nobody else was going and I had a lot to do (still do). However, when I returned from lunch, there was a nice frameable certificate on my desk with my name on it.

Then I got mayo all over it, so I wiped my face off with it and threw it away.

A criminal mastermind like Yanni was bound to slip up eventually. Kenny G...you're next.

I'm looking forward to S&D (hip abbrv. slng.). Plus, the Missus likes the Dad, because he was the guy who did the robot in that Geico commercial last year. I expect a full discussion tomorrow.
Concerning Michigan.I bought it a few nights ago (I didn't have it yet, not cool), and I finally gave it a spin at work.

Work isn't a good place to listen to an album like that, because you can't crank it, and all the subtleties get lost along the way. I need to spend some time with it in the car to further shape my opinion.

Right off the bat though, it seems more mellow and reserved. The lyrics are deeper and a little less user-friendly (which is actually a good thing). It seems like something that'll really stick with me, so I'm looking forward to hearing it again.

I should make a mixtape of songs that make me tear up. Then you can all make fun of me and I'll shut off the comments.
There was something weird going on with the comments earlier...oh well.

But what I tried to say was I enjoy Illinois and Michigan a lot, but I think I prefer Illinois. It's a close call though. His Seven Swans album is great as well.

Party. Friday. T-Maas's house.
Yeah, I can already tell that Illinois is a more complete and realized album, but Michigan sounds like it's right up there. It sounds like one of those albums that you can get hopelessly addicted to, like In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.

Party with T-Maas, 'eh? I'll see what's happening.
Martin Scorsese - 0
Three 6 Mafia - 1

It just got a little easier to be a pimp. Yo.
John Stewart was brilliant. I was listening to Three 6 Mafia today somewhat ironically, considering I own one of their earlier albums.

I mean, they're not bad, if you're into songs about killing people. I got about two minutes in, and felt really silly for appreciating it in a former life.

Then again, they won an Oscar, so perhaps I was just really ahead of trends.
Also, let me be the first to say that I really enjoyed Sons & Daughters. The cast is very talented in improv, and the actor who plays Cameron is the perfect balance of Jason Bateman and Steve Carrell. Good stuff, I was pleased.
Yeah, S&D was very good. Let's just cross our fingers and hope that it can retain the audience from their According To Jim lead-in... So, yeah, it'll be canceled in a couple weeks.

For real, I hope it does well like The Office and Earl are doing for NBC. I'm surprised NBC didn't pick it up as their own show, I think they're producing it or something crazy like that.

The Geico commercial guy is pretty funny. I also liked Whitey, aka the Arby's commercial guy.
Have you seen Free Ride, has that aired yet? All the reviews I've read thus far say it has the potential to be a good show, with the exception of one "wacky" character that was probably a result of a note from network execs, and that it ruins an otherwise good show. (Which reminds me of the Poochie episode of Simpsons... "Rasta-fy him by 10%.")
Yeah, why put S&D after According To Jim? I had to sit through the last 15 seconds of that wide-awake nightmare, and I almost didn't even stick around for S&D.

You can see the improv influence on a lot of scenes, and the cast will only get better at playing off each other if the series is a hit. I really liked the "Elephant theater" joke.

I think the entire cast is made of people who have been in commercials. Whitey is also the "O-Face" guy in Office Space.

Free Ride premiered after American Idol last week, and it showed a lot of promise. Episode #2 will be on Sunday, after Family Guy or something. I think I know what wacky character you're talking about, but he's not so bad.

My main concern is that Free Ride looks almost exactly like The Loop, which is also premiering very soon. The main characters are almost identical, so that might confuse and turn off viewers to both shows. I guess we'll see.
Dangit, I just watched Office Space like a week ago, why didn't I remember that?

Yeah, I was cracking up at the elephant theater joke. I also like how Cameron was wearing a Ramones shirt and was all worried it was going to get dirty.
I was actually a little disappointed with S&D I think I had expected way too much for a first episode. Maybe I just saw too many AD parallels.
Whitey had the best scene. When they were moving stuff in the garage and he showed Cameron The Shocker. It was a crude laugh, but I thought it was funny that it got past ABC censors. Sometimes the funniest things are funny for different reasons.

I recorded Free Ride and watched it the other day. Definately a funny show. I like when they went to the Rager and it was just a bunch of guys playing games.
I think that S&D is more of an exercise in improv and scene dialogue than AD's Shakespearean wordplay and hundreds of jokes. S&D is a little more 'real,' which may or may not be a good thing.

I guess it shouldn't be compared to AD, because it's not the same thing, but it's the closest thing we have to parallel it. I respect and enjoy what they're doing, but I wasn't left shaking my head in amazement like I am after watching AD. That all being said, it's still better than darn near every other comedy out there. I'm looking forward to future episodes.

Free Ride is a decent show thus far. They've done a good job of accurately displaying characters of a certain age (Undeclared, F&G), while keeping a certain bizarre charm to it (Cracking Up). Notice that all of those have been cancelled.

I miss Andy Richter Controls The Universe. I think that was ahead of its time. considering what we're starting to see now on the networks. Same goes for Action!, Sports Night, Lateline and about a million other things. I'm just ranting at this point.
It should be noted that Fred Goss, the actor who plays Cameron, is also the director, writer and producer of the show. Wow, I like this guy even more now.

Also, B.J. Novak, who plays Ryan on the Office, is also a writer and producer on several Office episodes.

On second thought, I hate both of these people.
One more thing. Speaking of unscripted lines (like the Shocker quote), I lost it when the term 'Dutch Oven' was dropped.
Cracking Up... That was the one with Molly Shannon and Jason Schwartzman, right? That was one of the shows that prompted me to get a Tivo, and then it was cancelled by the time I got the Tivo. I believe Andy Richter's show was on right around that time.

Did you ever see the pilot of the show that Ben Stiller did for MTV, with Jack Black playing a renegade astronaut and Owen Wilson playing the voice of his talking motorcycle sidekick? Heat Vision and Jack... that's it. It's so worth seeking out if you haven't seen it.
And don't forget Lookwell, the Conan O'Brien written pilot starring Adam West.

People forget how amazing of a writer Conan is. He did some of the best Simpsons episodes ever, like "New Kid On The Block," "Marge vs. The Monorail," "Homer Goes To College" and part of "Treehouse of Terror IV", the best Treehouse ever.

Yup, Cracking Up had potential, but as you mentioned, there was a time slot issue. Andy Richter Controls The Universe was a personal favorite of mine, essentially because I like Conan O'Brien & Andy Richter.

Which leads me brilliantly into my next topic. Andy and Conan are working on a new NBC show slated to air soon. Andy Barker PI will star Richter as an accountant who sets up shop in the former office of a private investigator. When people start showing up looking for PI work, Barker just naturally starts doing so to pay the bills.

I'm ready.
I don't know if he'll ever top Quintuplets.
Jack Black can make anything funny. Long live Tenacious D.

Some of his best scenes in Envy were when they just let him freethink.

I was looking at my hand like it was a separate thing..."
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Conan's audio commentaries on some of those Simpsons episodes are classics too.

Oh, and I finally updated my blog...
I think that when Conan takes over the Tonight Show in 2008-2009, it will be the perfect chance for me to swipe the Late Night slot. I can't be any worse than Craig Ferguson, and even Pat Sajak had his own talk show for a while. I have about a year or two to make some mad contacts, and then it's all gravy from there on out.

I was something like 7 years old when the Pat Sajak show was on, and even then I knew it was awful.
And don't forget the glory of "The Chevy Chase Show." All 7 episodes of it. See also: "The Magic Johnson Show."
I didn't even want to bring up those two.

Walker told Magic Johnson he has AIDS.

Oh no.

See you in hell, everybody!

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