Thursday, March 30

Katharine McPhee Watch - Volume 3.

Katharine McPhee and 8 losers.

92,000 people auditioned for American Idol this year.

There are now 9 singers left, and Katharine McPhee is one of them.

Just thought you might want to know.

It's called Lost Friday, and it'll be here in 24 hours. You might want to stick around for that.

(Note from the CDP:) As of 9am Thursday morning, I haven't seen Lost yet. I'm staying with family in my hometown right now, and plan on watching it this afternoon. I'm tired, exhausted, without my toothbrush and wearing yesterday's pants. My goal is to get a decent Lost Friday up at its usual time, but it may require an all-nighter. You're welcome.

Katharine McPhee in the bottom three? What a joke. After Tuesday's performances, anyone could have been in that situation, and next week should straighten that crap right back out. Bucky and Kellie, you're next.


Taylor Hicks is still in the running although I don't think I liked his performance from last week.
Taylor, Chris, Elliott and Mandisa are my favorites besides Katharine, and I think they will all make it for at least another week or so. Bucky, Ace and Kellie are next on the chopping block.

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