Wednesday, April 12

CDP Wayback Machine - Timeshare Edition.

Don't believe the hype.

You'll have to excuse me for slacking this week; it's been a tad less forgiving than usual. I haven't been feeling too well, so I'm not particularly in the mood to write and be funny. I have about five (brilliant) essays that are all half-done, but I refuse to touch them until my head is clear and I can give them proper attention.

You know the drill with the rest of the week, however. Tomorrow's the Idol recap and Lost Friday is batting cleanup. Next week will be better; some Easter candy and $3-per-gallon gasoline will do me good.

Today, we're once again stepping into the CDP Wayback Machine, for a look back at an essay from April of 2005. You know, there comes a time in every person's life when they have to sit through a lecture on Timeshare ownership for even the remote possibility of scoring free plane tickets to anywhere in the nation.

You're about to read that story. I present to you:

April 14, 2005 - "You're A Woman, I'm A Machine."

It should be noted that this essay was the first of two that I submitted to Isthmus Publishing for a freelance position. They were both rejected, but my dream of being published by them became a reality earlier this year, when my tirade about sub sandwiches drew surprising local attention. Of course, they didn't have to pay me for the sub essay, which might explain why they took such a shining to it as opposed to my previous submissions. Journalism is a fickle business; I want in like you wouldn't believe. The only reason I even went to the Timeshare place was so I could write about it.

There you have it. Step back in time for today and sound off in the comments section.

Why do you put that Less than Jake ad up there as if to imply that there is any chance that this album will not stink?
What Less Than Jake banner? I don't see no Less Than Jake banner.

For the record, I took it down because it was unsightly.
Crap, I clicked on the link and ordered it before you took the banner down.

Less Than Jake? More like "Mess Pancake."
Also, it's nice to see the Missus back and making fun of bands, now this blog feels complete. She's the yin to your yang, the chocolate to your peanut butter, and the Celine Dion to your book with photos of babies, a perfect match.
I saw Mess Pancake back in '98 on the Waffle House tour.

This is the point in the comment where I name all the waffle and pancake-related bands they played with. I can't think of any right now, just know that I tried.

Two comments in, and she's making fun of bands. I expected nothing less.
I saw Batter Up on the summer '94 Griddle Kings tour.
The bassist for Batter Up used to play in Syrup Trap; I caught them during the '96 Monsters of Maple tour.

Look what you made me do. I'm outta' here.
I tease because I love.

Love making fun of you, that is.

Yar, har har.

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