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Katharine McPhee Watch - Volume 4.

Katharine McPhee and 7 losers.

92,000 people auditioned for American Idol this year.

There are now 8 singers left, and Katharine McPhee is one of them.

Just thought you might want to know.

Now, allow me to editorialize for a minute or two. Kenny Rogers is a stone-cold dick.

Mandisa got cut last night, and that doesn't sit too well with me. Not only was she extremely good looking and sultry, but she probably had the best technical voice in the contest. I liked her a whole lot, and Kenny Rogers is to blame for her all-too-early departure.

Did you hear him on Tuesday? He was giving whiz-poor song advice to everyone. Say what you want about Barry Manilow, but the man delivers the goods. Kenny succeeded in making even the best Idol contestants sound like crap warmed over, which led up to a skewed set of results.

Do you really think that Bucky is a better singer than Mandisa? How about Paris? How about Kellie? Of course not. She didn't get kicked off because she's heavy, she didn't get kicked off because she's black and she didn't get kicked off because the public sucks. She got kicked off because she chose a song that exercised about 2% of her phenomenonal vocal range, and Kenny took what little she had to work with and shot it right in the can. Good work, Gambler.

In all honesty though, I'm sort of glad that she's out of the contest. Her voice is well-suited for soul and gospel, and she will have a decent career singing soul and gospel songs. She doesn't need this whack-ass contest or Kenny Stupid Plastic Face Rogers to tell her what to do. I hate you Kenny, and your stupid, out-of-business chicken franchise. If it takes me until I'm 100, I will destroy you like you destroyed the contestants on Tuesday.

Next week, the final 8 will be doing Queen songs, which should rule, as far as I'm concerned. If there's one sure-fire way to weed out the losers, it's trying to nail a Freddie Mercury track. So long, Bucky. It's been fun, but I haven't understood a damn word you've said since day one.

[End rant.]


[Begin Rant.]

Man, am I going to do this every Thursday until American Idol's over? What will I do in between seasons? Am I still going to do a Lost Friday during the off-season, or long after it jumps the shark and gets stale? When my hits and traffic start to slide in the summer, what will I do to fill the void? Talk to people? Is this what the CDP has finally come to?

Watch in horror as television shows and pointless gossip slowly monopolize every day of the week here at the CDP! Forget about witty reflections and nostalgia! Do away with humorous essays and sarcastic wordplay! Take everything you used to appreciate about me and cram it up yer' chute, because I'm selling out to the lowest common denominator, and you're coming with!

Posts that make me happy and content will be ushered out in droves, in favor of what E! News told me Ryan Seacrest will be wearing next week! You won't hear me complaining, because I'm netting 500 hits a day!

It'll quell the pain for now, but soon I'll be wanting more! In my quest for 5000 hits a day, I'll start cursing more, put up naked photos of your favorite celebrities and wax poetic about recreational drug use and meaningless sex! Sure, my mom will stop reading and my wife will beg me to stop, but to hell with 'em! I've got sponsors now! For every one friend and sibling I humiliate and embarrass, another 10 fans will take their place! That's a 1000% profit, and I'm not about to balk on those odds!

It's a brave new world, and I'm in it for the long haul.

I'm also a monumental loser and liar.

Seriously though, Lost Friday is tomorrow. If you miss it, I'll kill you. It's going to be good, because I wrote it. Once again, I've done five posts in five days, and that's just great.

"What are we going to do today CDP?"

"Same thing we do every day, plan to take over the world!"

I feel your pain about Mandisa. She was very good, but my wife and I had come to the same conclusion after watching her the night before: She has an amazingly powerfull voice, but every song she sings she just belts it. I couldn't imagine 12 songs in a row with that kind of fury. Also, Kellie Pickler, give me a break. She actually went on the record to say yes, I really am this dumb. What do you want from a mink.

Celebreality has hit a new low with Cooking with (quasi)Celebreties
First we watch the monkey dance. Then we watch the monkey skate. Now we watch the monkey cook? When the monkey comes to mow my lawn and clean my house I WILL be watching.

Okay, pop slander for the week has been vented. I am ready to take on Lost this Friday. I was also excited to see Amazing Race back in PrimeTime. I know how you feel about RTV, but seriously that has been a consistantly good show. The only bad part was that Dave and Lori were eliminated last night. If anyone follows the show you would be as sad as I am. These were good people giving it their best.
I don't have a problem with certain reality programming; I end up watching as much as anyone else does. Obviously, Idol and Cops are my favorites, though. Once I start talking about nothing but reality programming, but traffic will shoot through the roof and compensate for my missing soul.

Yeah, I can't believe that Kellie actually admitted she was an idiot. Such a mink, she is. I'll miss Mandisa, but there still are about 5 great singers left, including Ms. McPhee.

I'm ready to talk about Lost, too. I'm working on Lost Friday as we speak. Are Earl and The Office new tonight?
UPDATE: There's a new Earl tonight, but that's it.
The honest to god reason why Mandisa got voted off is because of the controversy that has been surrounding her about her views on homosexuality. There has been huge speculation that she is "anti-gay" and it has been well publicized. Due to her appearance and typical song choice, a large portion of her fan base were gay men-after all of this stuff came out, they dropped their support and alas, she got voted off this week.

The unfortunate thing is that Mandisa was under a gag order (until today) and could not respond to any of the allegations against her. So no one knows if they were really true or not...though the evidence looks pretty bad. It will be interesting to see what she has to say about all of this.

Kenny's song choice may have been the nail in the coffin, but she dug her own grave.
I bid my fondest farewells to Mandisa, she will be missed (especially when Bucky and Kellie are murdering another song). Don't worry though, in three years, she too will have a mediocre album like the other Idol flunkies of the past, but that's a whole other story.

(PS - Thanks for the link by the way. I live for Lost Fridays)
No problem on the link, B; I enjoy your page, and you comment on mine. What more could I ask for?

Well, a cookie, I suppose. But that's really a different story.

Godot, that's an interesting Mandisa theory (or fact, this is the first I've heard of it). She's clearly a devout Christian, and it's possible she shares their anti-homosexual views (not all Christians are anti-homosexual, mind you). She appears to have strong faith and convictions, so if she really did believe something, she wouldn't back down from any detractors.

I still like her, though. It'll be interesting if she speaks out against any of the accusations.

Mandisa fan base actually belonged to fellow contenstant Kellie Pickler. After her confirmation Tuesday of really being as dumb as she acts, thousands of supporters double checked their text phones and discovered they were voting for Mandisa. With the situation corrected, Mandisa fell in the polls.

In a related story it was revealed that gay men prefer plus size black female gospel singers. Who knew.

If you google: mandisa, anti-gay, etc., you'll get a million stories if you want to find out what has been said.

Yeah, i'm interested to hear her take on the situation. While she's not my favorite (though much better than Bucky and Kellie), it would be ashame if she ended up getting voted off for rumors that turned out to not be true and that she couldn't speak out against. Although, in my opinion, if she really felt strongly that what they were saying was untrue, she could have found a way to get that information out.

And the fact that i'm responding to your American Idol edition in no way means that i don't have the highest respect for your more serious journalistic blogs (when to we get more "noisy neighbors"? huh? kidding). In many ways I am embarrassed to know this much about the show.
BluStaCon, that was hilarious. Personally, I can't get enough of women like Mandisa. I was actually considering taking a pay cut and getting a job managing a Lane Bryant.

The rumors about Mandisa are probably true (it had to have come from somewhere). The fact is that Mandisa is a backup singer for anti-gay Christian author and speaker Beth Moore. While that doesn't necessarily mean she shares her beliefs, she has called Moore an 'idol and motivation'.

It's still a shame, really. While I don't support homophobic views whatsoever, it's a shame that we can't judge people in a singing contest based on singing and singing alone. Make them perform behind a wall or something. If the show were Liberal Idol, then I'd have no problem seeing her get booted for this reason alone.

It's also a shame that Mandisa's not going to be around for Queen week. I had a pretty good idea of what she would have sung.

I'm a jerk.
Well apparently her comments were not about gay people, here is her reply to the rumors:

While I agree about the "Liberal Idol" sentiment. No matter how good of a singer a person is, if they were to come out and say "I hate all women", i probably wouldn't vote for them, being a woman (not that i vote on AI anyway, but if i did). I have no problem over-looking petty stuff, but not bigotry. It's not right to expect a person to vote for someone who hates who they are. However, I still love Elliot even with his teeth. It's just a shame that there was apparently no way for Mandisa to clear up these rumors before she was voted off. She'll make a decent living as a gospel singer, though.

Something tells me next week is going to be another week of terrible song choices. I love Queen, but few people can cover them well. I want Bucky or Kellie to attempt Bohemian Rhapsody: a. because it would crack me up, b. so one of them will get voted off.
Unless something really bizarre happens next week, we can look forward to losing Kellie, Paris or Bucky. Mark my words.

That's a shame about Mandisa. It must suck to hear people spread rumors about you, and not be able to defend yourself until it's too late.

Speaking of Elliot's teeth, does it not look like he got beat up or something? In the past couple weeks, he looks like he's been punched in the eye just before taking the stage. I honestly think he looks better now with the goatee and whatnot, but he's looking kind of haggard. That being said, he's the best technical male singer in the contest.
Earl tonight proves why I must grow the stache. A man's gotta make a stand on something, and shaving is just not an option. Plus, it attracts women!

Not sure it's the kind of women I care to attract, but that is yet to be seen...
Growing a 'stache attracts three types of women; allow me to go to the chart for this one.

1. Women who appreciate it ironically, but won't kiss you - 13%

2. Women who appreciate it seriously, and will want to kiss you to your horror - 19%

3. Women who will demand you shave before they take you out in public - 68%

Either way, you'll get attention. I strongly support your decision, whatever it may be.

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