Thursday, April 13

Katharine McPhee Watch - Volume 5.

Katharine, Chris and 5 losers.

92,000 people auditioned for American Idol this year.

There are now 7 singers left, and Katharine McPhee is one of them.

So is Chris Daughtry, despite the fact he wore eyeliner and grew a beard. I'll let it slide this time, but seriously, you don't need that. If these two hooked up and Katharine got pregnant, they could just put a microphone up to her protruding belly, and the fetus would win next year's Idol.

Just thought you might want to know.

Katharine and Chris are pushing hard for the finals, and I have no problems with that whatsoever. In fact, I'm about as happy as one can legally get over these things. They're pretty much my most favorite contestants since the show started, and it's rare to see my picks go so far. I also would like to see someone find my page by searching for "Katharine McPhee" and "protruding belly."

I really liked how Brian May was kind of a dick to Ace because he wanted to whore out May's song, but Queen had no problems going on American Idol to whore out their new live album. Priorities, people! You're not going to change the complex arrangement that is We Will Rock You, one of the most played out and commercial anthems of all time? I guess Ford, Coca-Cola and Arby's didn't write a big enough check.

I also liked how they made it clear going in that nobody would even come close to matching Freddie Mercury's vocal style. I was pretty upset that nobody sported the Mercury moustache and skin-tight leotard. Kellie should have done it; she would have looked ten times better than the whole 'Quiet Riot groupie' outfit she was sporting.

'Haw-haw! What's a groupie?'

Speaking of which, did anyone catch Bucky's comment after his horrid performance? He was trying to tell Ryan that Freddie Mercury was a tough musical act to follow, but instead spat out "He's not someone I'd want to come up behind."

Seacrest looked right into the camera and said, "You can say that again."

Lost Friday is tomorrow. Please bring a dish to pass.

"He called me a grouper. I think it's his accent. I'm soorrrrieee"
The whole thing was cute for about a microsecond, but now she seriously needs to go back home to all the okra she can eat.
If Katherine ever dances like that again, I'm going to have a heart attack.
Screw Paul Rodgers, Katharine is the new frontwoman for Queen. It's settled.
I missed American Idol and I missed lost. It's been a bad week.
I hope you have a good excuse. Fortunately, Lost Friday will tell you everything you need to know.

Remember kids, that's Lost Friday, every Friday at the CDP!
I had to stifle my laughter at Bucky's quote when I read that. Seacrest should have asked the camera man, "Are you getting this?" ala Jimmy Fallon. Then he could crack up uncontrollably while he tried to not look like he was laughing.

I think you need to buy your mom a Tivo, CDP. Things like this just don't need to happen in this day and age with all of our modern ideas, and products.
When Bucky made that remark, I rewound it a couple times just to make sure I wasn't losing my silly scruples.

I won't buy my mom a TiVo until she figures out how to use the DVD player I bought her 6 years ago. One technological step at a time. It should be noted that a DVD player 6 years ago was like, a bazillion dollars.

Since we're on the TiVo topic, however, I'm getting sort of nervous about my reliance to it. If Charter decided to crank the price to $200 a month, I'd have to pay for it because I'm simply not going back.

Now that I'm living the high life, I refuse to set up VCRs in multiple rooms, missing anything I care to watch and having to watch recorded shows in filthy analog format. Never!

For example, last night had 5 shows that I wanted to see overlap each other. If I didn't have a TiVo, I would have committed suicide.

(Save the 'You should go outside' crap. I tape things so I can do other things.)
Thank you Paste. I also think he should buy me a TiVo. Why should I be the only one missing out on all of the fun. I believe I have caught on to the workings of the DVD now, so another gift may be in order.
I tape things so I can do other things.

Yeah, like watch other fine television programs.
You know, I won't be able to drive up there all the time to set it for you. Gas is expensive.

There's nothing but reruns on tonight (besides Supernatural at 8pm), but Earl and Office are both airing great episodes.
I saw a movie at PrePlayed today.. the description includes the words "Chuck Norris", "one man army", and "Vietnam". I had to buy it.
Woah, you're wearing a MAB shirt in your profile pic. Best. Ever. Here's hoping I'll have a CDP one to replace it soon.

Norris is a one man army. If Norris was on Lost, he would roundhouse kick the smoke monster so hard candy would come out of it.
You make a CDP shirt, and I will wear it as often as I wear the MAB shirts. Mostly because of the quantity of leftovers I acquired, I have several. Which means I wear one often.
What's this? A public outcry for CDP merchandise? Indulge the people, I say!!!

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