Friday, April 21

Lost Friday - Mediocre Edition.

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Another Lost Friday is upon us. We have nothing to discuss.

Seriously, this post has almost nothing to do with Lost; I'm just cashing in on the brand, so to speak. Feel free to hang around, though. I did, however, find out that the name of the season two finale will be called, 'Live Together, Die Alone,' so don't say that I didn't give you any news today. Next week's Lost Friday will get you all set with everything you need to know about the remaining episodes of the season.

For those of you who show up solely for Lost Friday, you should know that six days out of the week, I'm talking about other stuff on here. Usually better stuff. Who knows? You might just find another reason to come here besides hunting for shirtless photos of Jin and Sawyer. The things that people search for never cease to amaze me. If you want to catch up on the CDP, click on the 'First Time Here?' link at the top of the sidebar. You'll thank me later.

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So, what did everyone do with their Lost-free Wednesday this week? Me? Well, I got a lot done. There was a new Mythbusters on, along with the American Idol results show. I wanted to use yesterday to catch up on a slew of TiVo'ed Supernatural episodes I've been meaning to watch, but to no avail. Then I watched the Brewers game and fell asleep on the floor. It was really something special; I can cross a lot of things out of my day planner.

Call now!

In car accident news, the Missus is able to rent a car on the dime of the dude that hit her, so she's currently speeding around the city in a new Chevy Cobalt. As you would naturally assume, she hates the damn thing with a passion. The early projection is that her '99 Taurus is totaled, so I guess we're going to have to start looking for a new car. As I've said before, if we could afford a new car, we would have bought one by now, so if anyone wants to go ahead and purchase a new car for the Missus, shoot me an e-mail and we'll talk. Her neck is feeling a little better.

Call now!

Let's talk about beer for a second. In the beautiful city of New Glarus, the New Glarus Brewery manufactures my absolute favorite beer in the history of mankind, the Tail Wagger Barley Wine. For those out of the loop, Barley Wines are viciously strong beers, about 12% in some cases (read the article in the link). If you prefer wine over beer, a good Barley Wine is a gateway to enjoying brews just as much. Also, it will floor you after one bottle.

Anyways, the folks at the brewery apparently had a problem with the bottling of their last batch of Barley Wines. From what I can gather, the distributor sold a 6-pack for the cost of a 4-pack, and when the stampede was over, the New Glarus folks barely broke even on the sales (Barley Wines are a bit pricey). This caused a shutdown of the manufacturing of the Tail Wagger, and the rumor is that it might never be made again. This hurt me deeply.

Quickly, I got in touch with a beer expert I know who has connections. The plan was to buy out every remaining bottle of Barley Wine in the state. With New Glarus being a local brewery, Wisconsin is the only place where this brew exists, and we were running out of time. After weeks of phone calls and writing checks, we each got hooked up with a case of what could be the last bottles of Tail Wagger ever made.

Call now!

My goal is to ration out these bottles over the course of a lifetime. Only certain special events and circumstances will be 'Barley-worthy,' and I'm not sharing with anyone, ever. My plan is to drink 14 bottles tonight, and when I wake up from the coma it will be 20 years in the future, when they will have found a way to clone the precious Tail Wagger for worldwide consumption. I've got it all figured out, and nobody's stopping me.

This weekend; not entirely sure what's going on. Post a comment or send an e-mail, and if I'm not busy I'll show up at your party. My rates are reasonable and I'm always open to new things.

Call now!

I feel like I'm forgetting to say something. Oh yes, Evangeline Lilly was in a sex line commercial from years ago that still airs on late night TV. This is incredibly funny to me; I actually saw it for myself a few weeks ago. I can hear the phone calls now, "I want to talk to Kate! I want carte blanche!"

It goes without saying (and I don't want to ruin your fantasy), but if you expect to talk to anyone even vaguely resembling Kate (who's no prize pig, to be quite honest), you will be sorely mistaken. I do bet that the company gets a lot of calls from guys who want the ladies to act out Lost fantasies with them, and that helps me sleep a little better at night.

Call now!

Maybe we'll find out on Lost that the phone sex lady Locke was talking to in season one was Evangeline Lilly, pretending to be Kate, whom Locke wanted to be addressed as Helen, the woman he lost at the hands of a con with his father. Man, this show has so many twists and turns! I'm going to pitch that to the writers; maybe they'll buy my wife a new car.

Not only is next week the last week of April, but it's another '5 posts in 5 days' stretch here at the CDP. I'll be kicking next week off with an essay that rocks so hard I had to roundhouse kick it into quarters. It is an all-true quadrilogy that I'd turn into a movie if I had the good sense to make some serious cash. Come on back; you don't want to miss 'oot:

Monday - Love Tha' Player, Hate Tha' Game (Part 1).
Tuesday - J. Crew & The Mystery Girl (Part 2).
Wednesday - Brace For Impact (Part 3).
Thursday - Three Strikes, You're In (Part 4).
Friday - Lost Friday - Clip Show Edition.

In the newspaper today there was a small article that said:
Lost on "Lost"?
In a potential spoiler for the hot hot hot mystery sci-fi series "Lost" one of the shows regulars has signed to star opposite Tom Cavanaugh in the CBS comedy pilot "My Ex-Life", the Hollywood Reporter says.
We won't spoil it for you by revealing more.
Wasn't sure if you read that or not.
You know, I did see that yesterday. The first thing that came to mind was, "Gee, someone must really like Tom Cavanaugh. That guy gets more second chances than Family Guy." He seems like a nice fellow, though, so I'll let it slide.

They're talking about Cynthia Watros, who plays Libby.

The assumption is that because she signed to a different show, it means she will be dead before the season is over. In the past, I predicted Ana Lucia to go next (and I still do), but it could be Libby. I wouldn't care either way.
Speaking of Ana Lucia, did you see House on Tuesday? Was that girl on House the sister of the girl who plays Ana Lucia?
I doubt it; I don't think she has a sister. It was a very good episode, though. Next week's episode looks really good, from what I can tell.
I liked the way they made the girls lesbians for no apparent reason. If they would have thrown in unnecessary bondage scenes, they would have had something going. Oh wait, that's every OTHER episode. ha! But I jest, I do like the show.
It's always sex-related, and when it's not sex-related, there's lesbians afoot.

I kept waiting for the lesbian theme to be mentioned somewhere, anywhere in the plot, but nope. They just did it for the hell of it.

It was interesting that it was just implied and they didn't do anything with it. How absolutely bizarre.
I think it was meant to go under the radar, but in a precalculated sort of way. It saddens me to think of a bunch of writers in a room going:

Man1: "Okay, so we want there to be lesbians, but we want to be it can't be gratuitous, it has to seem like it's just a normal every day thing--you know, nothing to think twice about."
Man2: "But it isn't a normal every day thing, dealing with two remotely attractive, young lesbians in a liver-transplant situation. How do you think we're going to pull this off?"
Man1: "I'm tired of talking about this. Let's just shoot the damn show."
Man2: "But don't you think people will wonder what our angle was?"
Man1: "Probably. I'm hungry."

About Libby...ever since I saw her mugshot, I cannot accept them referring to her as "hot" on the show. I think the best way to deal with this would be to kill her off.
You can't be casual with homosexuality on prime-time television. It's one extreme or the other. Hate-crime AIDS survivor, or frilly interior decorator. It's unavoidable.

If Ana or Libby gets booted next, I won't have a problem with that, as long as they tell us why she was on the plane and whatnot.

The next new episode has Hurley preparing a picnic and 'date' for Libby; strangely similar to Sayid and Shannon just before she was capped. Food for thought.
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It was easy to see what House was doing. By not emphasizing their lesbian relationship, it was a way to imply that it's nothing special. It's something that should be thought of as normal and happenstance... Like breathing.

I personally think that it's the best way to get any message like that across. Beating people over the head with it only makes them think about what they do or do not like about the issue.

As the saying goes: "silence is golden".

As for Lost, I'm frustrated that there's even a possibility that Cynthia Waltros might be getting the axe. After all the hype the producers put out over the possiblity of a Libby-Centric episode, they should atleast have one.
I know what you mean about the House thing. My criticism isn't so much with the show as it is with regular TV fans. Like Homer Simpson puts it, most people only like their homosexuals flaming.

I really don't think Libby's going to die this season. There's too many things to tie up with her, and if they cut her, fans will be quite angry.

Once they do a Libby-centric episode? Fine, kill her. I don't care.
The whole Libby thing is kind of fishy, just like the supposedly "stolen" call sheet that is floating around. I believe that she will star in the new pilot, but I don't think that's the end of the story.

Libby will probably die, but I'm guessing it will be an episode or two into the next season. They may even be filming some of it now, who knows? They just want us to think that she will die in the finale disaster.

There are rumors that the Lost crew are deliberately posting false information about the finale to keep viewers surprised, after the whole "Dave" photo-leak fiasco. Don't forget, these are the people who tossed aside a whole story line when they found out information about a "Vincent-centric" episode had leaked. I think that they are going to do everything possible to make sure that we are surprised and amazed for the finale.

I love the TVGuide channel...way to try to hide "spoilers" from the general public: "So Lost fans, when the rains start falling, you might want to fear for Libby's life!" This spoiler has to be fake or I will...well, I guess I will complain about it loudly to my friends the next day.

Is "House" good? I've never watched it.

Are any of you guys planning on participating in the "Interactive Lost Experience Game"?

Oh, and one more thing...if any of you would be willing to be the sacrificial lamb and go see the new MI:III when it opens and report back on the Lost reference JJ threw in, that'd be great! I just can't bring myself to help support the adversaries of the Evil Lord Xenu.
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House probably has the single best character on any show right now. Plus, a single episode will have more laugh-out-loud jokes than ALL the sitcoms on network television have in a season combined.
I like House a lot. I've watched it from the start and I think that Hugh Laurie is one of my favorite actors on TV right now. I'm not much for medical dramas, but Laurie really puts this show above and beyond the standard.

Yeah, I don't know if Libby will be killed off this season, but someone will; from what I can gather, the finale's going to be a massacre. They've done a good job so far in keeping the finale under wraps, and I appreciate that, even as someone who's job it is to get the inside scoop.

I won't be checking out MI:III, but I'm sure someone on here will. I heard Xenu will be making a cameo; who knew?

Interactive Lost Experience. I'm so there it's not even funny.
Those are some good comments about the House lesbians. I'm going to try to not go on a rant here, but coming from the true blue state of Massachusetts I've seen worse tactics used up here. Example when the gay marriage law was on the table the Boston Globe immediately started printing gay wedding announcements.
Now, I don't have a problem with gay marriage. People in love with each other should be able to legalize that relationship (there are a lot of other reasons like health care, taxes, and spouse benefits that go along with this.) But I do not agree with people (Boston Globe) forcing their agendas with such high viz tactics. Wedding announcements are fine. But these were blatent tools to further their own views.
well, this looks like a rant anyway. Bottom line. House was alright in my book. A+ for subtlety. Homosexuality doesen't always HAVE to be an ISSUE.
Good call, Blustacon. I almost forgot that you've got Mr. John Kerry as your senator. Check my November 2004 archives for my opinions on that whole thing.

House did what it did so people would talk, and it got us intelligent people talking, so they did their jorb regardless. I hate it when I get roped in to something I was expected to get roped into. I feel so...normal.

The Missus found a new car. Hooray! More on that later.
Argh...I just saw that the Lost reference/clue hidden in MI:III is supposed to be the first clue in the interactive Lost game.

What a crappy way to try to convince people to go see a movie. I hated the first two, I really hoped to avoid seeing this one. Well, I suppose I should get going to buy my advance tickets for the premiere.... Damned cross-merchandising and feeding off of my love of Lost, so pure, so true.
I should say, I have been just informed that the MI:III reference is most likely the first clue for the Lost game, but not necessarily. No one official will confirm or deny this at this point. (I was just corrected)
As is the case with most games like this, I'm sure someone will be posting what the clues are online as players around the globe gather them. I know it's far less fun to play this way, but it might keep you from throwing money away at MI:3.

I ain't watchin' it. No way.

Even though it's just a clip show, I'm really looking forward to Lost:Reckoning this week. It'll be nice to see the season from the beginning again.
Well I have to hand it to the people at LOST They must know more about things than anyone ever will. The one night they don't run an episode, not even a rerun, and we have to rush to the hospital. Our new baby girl was born that night!
Congradulations BluStaCon, and may the DHARMA allow you stay on for another season.
Congrats on a healthy and beautiful baby girl, Blustacon. That's awesome.

I suppose your wife would have had a problem with you watching Lost in the delivery room.
So, what's her name?
Ana Lucia
I figured it was Lost related. I was going to guess Swan or Hatch.
Just kidding. I opened my fledgling blog for a limited time. I wouldn't be the proud Papa I am without putting up a pic!!
we bandied with Geronomo Jackson for a while.
She doesn't really look like a Geronimo; I'm glad you made the right choice.

I noticed you said your Blog was open for a 'limited time.' Sometimes, people are against being linked for one reason or another, so I won't link you in the CDP Network without your permission. Say the word, however, and it's going up.
Thanks CDP. i have some bugs to iron out first.
Done and done.
CDP said:
The Missus found a new car. Hooray! More on that later.

I say:
Is it a Mini??? Tell me it's a mini!!!!
No, it's not a Mini. If we could afford one, we would have bought one by now. It's a Focus, which rocks pretty hard if I may say so myself.


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