Monday, April 10

Today You Die.

The Concept.

The CDP will return tomorrow with the sixth (and final) Loud Neighbor Update.

Yeah, I said 'final.' You might want to stick around for this one.

While we're waiting, you should brush up on the concept to better prepare yourself for the closing chapter in this sextet of....well, sex.


What did you do this weekend? Sound off in the comments section while I try very hard to stay awake at work.

Saturday was a big washout here. Sleet too. Mmmm. Nothing like April sleet to say spring is here.
Sunday was very productive. I managed to overhaul my lobster pots (they were starting to look like underwater bushes) and finished painting the room for our new baby. Now we wait.
We've got temps in the high 60's today in Sun Prairie. However, I'm indoors and sick as a dog, so it might as well be a tsunami out there.

Congrats on the new baby (baby #3?). Boy or girl? Have a name picked out? I don't have kids (and probably won't have any for a while), so I have to live through other parents. It's a sweet deal, though, because it's far cheaper and less stressful than being an actual dad.
Yes this is number three. If you wonder why birth control is never 100% effective, HI nice to meet you.
Seriously we don't mind. I mean if we producing evil troll children that would be one thing. Luckily they're good, so we'll keep them.

Without bogging you down with advice. Let me give you some advice. Don't rush into children. Enjoy what you're doing while you're young. Because after you have kids you're social life is OVER. Don't read this as saying NEVER have kids, just never have regrets about them. My wife and I reached a point where we were ready to move on to the next phase. We went at parenthood the only way it should be approached. Full on. I'm happy to say we're Dad and Mom before anything else and we haven't had a boring day since.
So please keep writing this quality blog and let me keep in touch with the outside world how ever funny(Earl), witty(The Office), shallow(American Idol), intense(Lost), serious(Chuck Norris) it is.
BTW we never found out what we were having with any of the kids. I wanted to at first, We have the technology but my wife made a very simple statement that I had to agree with.

"If I'm going to go through nine months of pegnancy, I want a surprise at the end. If you want to do it yourself you can have it your way."

She is a very wise woman.
Me and the Missus have a plan concerning little ones. The plan doesn't go into action for quite some time. Here's hoping everything will work according to the plan.

It's better that women have kids than men. We just couldn't handle it, and that's a fact. We're better suited to kill spiders and videotape pointless events.
damn straight!! I have developed my spider killing into a technique. I'm considering a trademark.

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