Wednesday, May 17

The Anti-Punchline.

The eye is lazy, and is attracted to white space.

It's a beautiful day out. Birds are singing and bees are trying to have sex with them, or so I've been told.

Enjoy your Wednesday and sound off in the comments section.

Thursday: Katharine McPhee Watch.

Friday: Lost Friday.

Quick Idol pick: It won't be Taylor. It's basically a coin flip between Elliott and Katharine.

Carry on.
I think it would be much funnier if Ms. McPhee didn't win, with you putting all this effort into supporting her and all.
It's not like I'm voting or anything. In fact, I've been very critical of her for the past few weeks. She doesn't deserve to win if she keeps with the hit-and-miss performances.

I've liked almost everyone in the top 12 this year, so it's just been nice to watch a bunch of people that I like sing every week. Elliott and Taylor would make great winners.

In a finale twist, Kevin Covais will come back, shoot the place up and proclaim himself the new champion.
Kevin Covais, that was the 12-year-old, right?
Alas, the truth about Aaron comes out! He DOES watch Idol! :)
In further news, did you really shoot a squirrel Ryan???
Katherine is getting by on looks alone because her singing has not been that great. Taylor and Elliott should be in the final two.

And yes, Ryan did shoot a squirrel, and a bird, and a pig and probably a lot of other things I don't know about. He had a terrible temper. Thank goodness I'm still alive.
Occasionally I've been at my parents' doing laundry and they were watching shows that are discussed here. So I've seen bits and pieces of various shows. I just don't care about it.
I don't have a temper. I should hack you up for saying something like that.

I shot a pig? Jesus. Must have been an accident, I love pigs. If my temper was so bad, why did I have a gun?

Oh, I think I might have been a bit spoiled. I answered my own question, there.

More importantly, why does Kevin Covais have a gun?
My brother shot a birdfeeder once (by accident) and it cracked; that was probably the worst thing either of us ever did with a gun. Shooting an inanimate object. By accident. And not even managing to break the object.

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