Monday, May 15

Back With A Cartoon Vengeance.

Go Mavericks!

Oh Lord, he's doing cartoons again. I thought we squashed that pipe dream a year ago.

How would you feel about reading a bunch more of these? Sound off in the comments section, and enjoy your Monday.

Your cartoons amuse me; but I am easily amused, so.....
I enjoy the comics. The first three panels remind me of my reflective profile I typed up for or one of those crappy alumni sites, except it's not in bed, it's at the Wafflehouse counter, and it ends with me storming out of the Wafflehouse with everyone laughing at me.
The thing about the cartoons is that they're just so much fun to do. I've done about 60 of these; be they Boycott Unity strips or just random goodness.

Sometimes, I'll have a quick joke or a random point that I want to make, and the old 4-panel is the best way to do it. For those who know me outside of the Blogosphere, you know that I'm only good for a quick one-liner anyways. Essays are dead as disco.

Woah, Sherry posted. It's been a while.
I'll read pretty much whatever crap you put up here.
Awesome. I have Blog immunity.

The Missus claims that the CDP jumped the shark when I first posted that Chuck Norris list.

From that point on, she claims, the site's humor and tone have changed considerably. She says that I now appeal more to tired cliche's and pop culture and less about personal essays.

She also says that my writing style has tanked, and it appears as if I'm no longer even trying to be clever and original.

She's totally right, although it was a pretty rotten thing for her to say out loud. She's the first one to sense when I've hit the creative wall, and then I know I need to change things up.

Obviously, I can't wait for the summer. No more TV show recaps, more essays and the debut of GRILLED CHEESE WISCONSIN.
I like comics. In fact, when summer television starts, that's what I'll be doing.

So what's this I hear about grilled cheese?
I know a few good places in Milwaukee for GCW.
The difference between you and me, B, is that you can draw. I rely on my writing, which is wafer-thin. That being said, I will also be doing more 'toons this summer.

For those just joining us, Grilled Cheese Wisconsin is going to be a filmed web series that has me going to various small towns in Wisconsin and eating grilled cheese.

I plan on checking out the mom-n-pop places, taking in the scenery, locals and whatnot, with the hook being that I eat a grilled cheese in every town.

I'm planning on each episode to run a few minutes each, and they will be featured right here on the CDP.

It's going to rule. I mean, this is basically how I spend my weekends, so why not tape it? I'm always saying such funny things when I eat grilled cheese, it's a shame I'm not always on camera.
I was reading the paper last night at work, and saw the words "cookie sleeve" in an article.

I immediately thought of the CDP and laughed.

In other news, the Sabres are going to the Eastern conference finals! Game 1 is Saturday, 1pm central time, probably on NBC.

The George Foreman grill can make one hell of a grilled cheese sandwhich for us lazy folk.
I like it when people think of the CDP. Makes me happy and scared.

Go Sabres! Go Mavs!

RJ, I also read that your midget wrestler signed on with Smackdown, I think he's going to play a leprechaun. I know that's spelled wrong, I'm just too lazy to look it up this morning.
What am I doing wrong? When I tried to make a grilled cheese on our GF Grill the cheese just spilled all over the place and the sandwich was smashed. Teach!
I'll eat 'em no matter what; you know that.
If you don't watch it closely, the cheese melts out, draining directly into Mr. Foreman's mouth.

I found that if you flip it about halfway through, the cheese won't melt out as easily... really, its just a matter of timing.

I rather enjoyed it squished a little.

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