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The Colonel Has Been Murdered.

Forever Hitler.

As the curtain falls on yet another season of network television, we have to sadly say goodbye to one of the most promising sitcoms since Arrested Development.

Folks, Sons & Daughters got cancelled.

Here's the scoop, taken directly from Fred Goss' ABC Blog:

It's Over.

I don't know a more delicate way to break the news to you all. Sons & Daughters is done. I am of course heart broken. My heart and soul went into this one. These characters feel like my family because in many ways they are. I hate like hell having to give you all news like this after all the high hopes you've expressed for a pick up. I've sometimes been accused of being a "glass half empty" kind of guy but at the moment I don't feel that it's inappropriate or self-indulgent to feel bad about this.

I don't know how long this blog will remain up. It could go at any moment actually. If you guys would like to keep in touch, I have a myspace site that I started for the show and will gladly keep up with. I post a blog there as well.

My site is url is: http://www.myspace.com/fredgoss

My blog url is: http://blog.myspace.com/fredgoss

Again, thank you everybody for all the support. I promise you I will return soon with another project. I also promise I won't compromise my creative voice in order to succeed commercially. I'm sure there's a way to make this improvised, more realistic, comedic format work for a wide audience.

Back to the drawing board. Peace.

So long, Sons & Daughters. Lament and sound off in the comments section.

Yes, I saw this the other day, 'tis very sad news indeed. What a great cast. I'm guessing this puts the nail in the coffin of "ensemble cast" type shows. The worst is that there's still one episode that never aired. Maybe they shouldn't have blown all their marketing budget on the Super Bowl, and aired ads while the show was actually on television. Hope it comes out on DVD soon.
Also, several episodes are available on Youtube for those that missed it.
There's no word on if the 11th episode will be released on the DVD or not. That would be neat, though.

With the exception of The Office (both versions), I can't think of any shows like this that have really cracked through to at least some mainstream popularity. I mean, it's going to happen someday, but it will be so diluted by then that nobody will care.

Us comedy hipsters will move on to our next form of upscale humor, like shows where the joke lies in that there's no jokes at all. Maybe just a blank screen that flashes from time to time. Then we can sniff at those too lowbrow to appreciate the hilarity of the Blinking Light Show.

I hope Will Arnett's in it. He's funny.
As a huge fan of subtlety and wheels within wheels I am firmly convinced that that makers of all entertainment media forms think the American public incapable of understanding things that are not spelled out word for word.
And I must say they may be right.
We have a fairly large local bank out here that has been running a series of tv ads promoting themselves as a more personal and "extra mile" type of bank. Usually featuring a teller running out in the rain to help a customer or a bank manager assisting an ATM user after hours. They all end with the same thoughtful feelgood tune, no doubt to reflect on how not evil they are.
The most recent one features a man opening the door for a woman knocking on the window. He helps her with an early deposit and as the scene ends you see the bank door slowly close behind him.
I mention this because the ad was recently augmented and now ends with a little caption box explaining that "Ed" just locked himself out of the bank. The only explanation I can think of for them to go back and ad that little caption after the commercial has been made and run is that a lot of people said they didn't get it.
So my long winded point is that if people aren't able to get the joke in a 30 second commercial, how the hell can they be expected to sit through 30 minutes of subtle humor.

So if shows like Sons & Daughters are ever going to eventually have a place in American pop culture history action must be taken from a early age and brought to fruition (love using that word in a sentence) over time.
So I propose free form kid shows that can progress into teen dramas and eventually grow in to smarter primetime. Yes it may take a while. But trust me, your grandchildren will appreciate it.
That was a good comment, BluStaCon. I read it twice.

The Loop was a show that actually used captions to drive jokes home in lieu of a laugh track; probably to bridge the gap between the two styles of comedy. Weirder still is that it was picked up for another season. No word on Free Ride, although I can't say that I care.

Your theory on being raised with this type of humor in mind is exactly what separates us Americans from the Brits. Us Yanks have been brought up with Vaudevillian tendencies, making us believe that every joke needs a rimshot and big finish. Not true.

We're not as bad as Mexico, though. Watch a variety show on Univision one night, and you'll feel a little bit better.

In England, they are raised with not only the subtlest of the subtle, but also things like Python and Benny Hill. This is a wide spectrum of humor, and allows people to at the very least appreciate things they don't necessarily find funny.

On a related note, I'm moving to London. I'm sick of this business.
At the very least, I'm going to start calling all cookies 'biscuits.'

For example, "I ate an entire sleeve of biscuits last night."
Taken from Fred Goss' MySpace:

The real sting is that they felt it was more important to bring back According To Jim for another season (even though they got their 100 episodes for syndication).

Nobody wants to watch According To Jim!!!! Do they? Am I the crazy one? I watch that sh** and it makes my chest hurt.

I shouldn't be writing now because I sound like a bitter cry baby.

I'm sorry ABC. I'm sorry we didn't prove ourselves to be a better business model against American Idol.

I'm in a very bad mood, can you tell?

I got a kick out of that. It reminds me of all the ATJ bashing we did on here last year.
I don't think Brits say the word "sleeve". I think they call it a "jobber."

Try it out:
"I ate an entire jobber of biscuits last night."
Oooh, that's good. I'm going to start incorporating it into our after-dinner snacking options.
There is hope... We're going to have had at least 20 years of Simpsons (granted the recent ones haven't been that great). In a year or two, people who may have literally watched Simpsons all their life will be entering college. Seinfeld went for nine seasons (granted, it's a more traditional format, but the humor was more subtle, and it didn't do well in the ratings at first). The Office and Earl seem to be doing well... Despite the downfall of AD, it did have three wonderful seasons. Anyway, it's bad, but it's not so bad.

How in the hell did The Loop get renewed? Were it's ratings good?
I have free cable at my new place, so maybe I'll actually see some of these TV shows that you kids are all so excited about. Maybe I won't be a total outsider to almost everything posted on here. Maybe I'll become a mindless zombie, who knows.
I initially liked The Loop but got really bored after 4 epis (yes I watched 4) I honestly didn't think it was still on let alone being renewed.
Here is another prediction: All shows geared at late twenties to late thirties are doomed to failure. From experience no one in that age group has any damn time to watch tv. Me, I feel its important to keep up with what's going on out there so I make time. It's hard I know, but it's a cross I'm willing to bear
I just read a news article that said The Loop was coming back. That's all I know, and it's all I care to dig up. If The Loop is pulling in AD-style ratings, I'll be very, very upset. Why buy The Loop when you get the AD for free?

Paste, you're right about The Simpsons, though. Here's a show that demonstrates all aspects of comedy, pop culture and history, and it's outlived entire generations. It's the closest thing we have to a comedy institution in the states, besides SNL.

I think that almost any show that requires a bit of an investment is doomed to fail, or becomes a cult smash. Either way, it becomes a cult-something, because the fans feel like they are a part of the show, and understand that the writers put in as much time as the fans do.

Yes Aaron, when people think of me, I'm certain that 'mindless zombie' is the first thing that comes to mind. Same goes for all the other brain-munchers who are even vaguely aware of the invention called 'television.' Let's work on expanding that narrow viewpoint a tad, shall we?

Stay away from that free cable, dude. It's gunna getcha! Then you'll be all, "Losssst...braaaains!"
I found a site for current British slang http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang

I didn't see jobber but I did find jobby and I realized you may want to avoid a jobby of biscuits at all cost.
Funniest thing I've seen all day. It really puts this whole comment section into perspective.

Noun. 1. A lump of excrement.
2. An act of defecation.
E.g."Give me 5 minutes, I've just got to have a jobby."
I'm sure 'jobber' means the same thing, if not something even more obscene. Let's save the speculation.
Maybe it could mean that you ate a whole s___load of cookies.

I learned that in the UK, khaki refers to leaving a skidmark in your pants. Pants also refers to underwear, trousers are what we call pants. Needless to say, if I'm ever in the UK, I'm going to refer constantly to khaki pants.
"Maybe it could mean that you ate a whole s___load of cookies."

That line gave me a khaki.

Brits have the best slang. Everything we say means something horrible over there, and don't ever think it's a coincidence.
Khaki is the UK version of ipal.
IKAL is the new IPAL.
What am I missing from EARL? I'm as big a Jason-Lee-Fan that there is, but I just don't see it with this show. Really, what am I missing?

...and you know what else? Why did Freeks and Geeks get cancelled?
F&G got cancelled because the NBC program director at the time didn't "get" the show and had admitted such to the creators of the show, if I remember correctly.

a pretty good review of why Freaks and Geeks failed.
F&G failed for the same reason AD failed. The show was smarter than the people promoting it.

Did you ever notice that you're always smarter than the teachers that treat you the worst? That's because they know you're on to them, and they don't want to admit that they're not the smartest person in the room. Instead of learning from the situation, they choose to exercise their power because they're insecure.

That metaphor works; don't knock it.

Earl is funny to me because I know everyone that's on the show. I grew up with those people, and I like Earl's Hank Hill-like morals. Do you like King of the Hill? It's quite similar in a weird way.
Maybe I'll become a mindless zombie, who knows.

Brainless zombie= the new emo

I'm gonna be all over this wave!!! Songs about brains, loneliness of death, etc. Just you watch.
I think the Misfits already did this, but if it's an excuse to wear my zombie costume, I'm totally in.

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