Thursday, May 11

Katharine McPhee Watch - Volume 9.

Katharine McPhee and 2 losers.

92,000 people auditioned for American Idol this year.

There are now 3 singers left, and Katharine McPhee is one of them.

Just thought you might want to know. Here are some quick thoughts:

It must have been nice to dig through the hefty Elvis Presley catalog; it's almost impossible to find a bad song in there. Despite him being one of the biggest thieves of black music to ever walk the earth, you can't argue with results! Here's to you, you peanut butter and banana sandwich eating, television shooting turd.

The night belonged to Elliott Yamin, hands down. His underdog persona and swelling fanbase are propelling him into stardom. Apart from that, he really is the best male singer in the contest. His second song was amazing; probably the best we've seen from him. Also, I'm pleased by the decision to keep putting him in suits. The backstage crew has found something that works for him, and by God, they're keeping it that way.

Taylor Hicks was about as solid as he always is, but the act is wearing thin despite being the top vote-getter every damn week. I honestly don't know where all the votes are coming from. I mean, I like him and all, but...come on. 'Jailhouse Rock?' Taylor's probably going to end up winning this thing, and I just don't know if he deserves it more than the others. I will say this, though; he was wearing one sweet suit.

Chris Daughtry doesn't need to win this contest to be a star; in fact, it's almost better that he didn't win. Artistic freedom and image are sacrificed when you sign on the dotted line; he's better off without it. Just ask Kelly Clarkson. Or me. It was a shame and all, but none of these three will do better than him without actually winning the show.

Katharine McPhee really chunked the first song, and when Elliott nailed song #2, I figured she would be a goner come Wednesday night. She has an amazing voice, she just consistently picks songs that refuse to show it off. Apart from that, I don't think she can hear herself in the monitors very well. She's always looking around like a speaker blew or something. Either that, or she's constantly worried that her dress will just explode off of her.

In conclusion, I'm sort of glad that things went the way they did. I think that by losing Chris, Katharine has a very good chance of making the finals. Don't ask me why; it's just a hunch I have. Me and the Missus are both in agreement that an Elliott/Taylor finale' will be the best and saddest AI final ever, in that we both feel sorry for them for some weird reason.

Enough of this crap. Lost Friday is tomorrow. Bring asprin, it's going to be massive.


Somehow I can't imagine Taylor in the finals. Just try to think of him standing in front of the choir, pumping out a ballad by Tamyra Gray.

Go ahead.. try!
I agree. Even though Taylor's been untouchable thus far, I have a feeling he might not survive the next round. Wishful thinking, I presume, although I still like most everything about him.

You do realize that the final AI result show is on at the same time as the Lost season finale?

Speaking of which, the Earl/Office finale's are on tonight.
This is why God created TiVo.

I personally need to watch Lost more than American Idol and I'd watch Steve Carell over Jason Lee any day.
On Wednesday night, there were three shows on at once that we wanted to see. There was a lot of blood and a lot more towels, but we found a way to make it work.

You know, the more I look into this AI 'shocker,' the more I think there's a conspiracy afoot. Here are a few things that seem weird:

1. Chris is going to be given an offer by a big rock band tonight to be their lead singer. Seriously. Watch for it.

2. The whole thing about Taylor singing an extra song. That clearly was planned, regardless of if the contestants knew or not. Why?

3. Ryan told Chris he was 'leaving the show,' not that he had the 'lowest number of votes.' I know it's silly, but you never know.

My theory is that a) Chris left the show for a damn good reason, and b) The producers don't want Taylor to win.

What better way to cause a rift than by letting Taylor do something that's clearly unfair to the other contestants? Top it off with a huge elimination upset and the fact that Taylor's not an 'American Idol,' and you're got a decent theory right there.

Katharine and Elliott would sell more records, and Taylor has limited talent when it comes to 'real world' singing. He's been at the top of the voting heap for weeks, and perhaps they wanted to knock him down a peg or two.

Keep in mind that I'd like to see Taylor get cut next, so it's not like I'm making excuses or anything.

I'll put my tin foil hat on while you discuss.
One more thing I forgot to add.

I think that the AI producers were banking on Chris to win and sell a lot of records for them, so they were left scrambling when he got cut (or decided to leave, depending on what you believe).
I voted for Alvar Hanso.

I have to try and watch "?" tonight before Lost Friday spoils it. I got called out on our assist tug last night and had to miss it. Damn tugboat losing steering in the canal, didn't they know what time it was!!! Thank God I record it.
Katharine McPhee can kiss my butt. I don't even WANT to see her in the finals anymore.

Go Yamin!
I don't even know who any of these people are. So yeah. I'm voting that whoever wins won't have any 'real' success, just like every other "American Idol" so far. The show is irrelevant, really.
BluStaCon, is an "assist tug" even half as adorable as it sounds? I picture a cartoon tugboat with big eyes for some reason.

In reality, I bet it's terrifying. I can't swim.

I'll be dropping spoilers like crazy tomorrow, so you really should check out '?' tonight. It's amazing.

To hell with McPheever, I've got Yamin-gitis. True, it doesn't roll off the tongue very well, but it's mine and I'm keeping it.
Our assist tug actually is adorable. We don't get to use it much so the entire thing is in showroom condition.

Its kind of like that guy down the street with a 67 corvette he keeps in the garage and only backs it out into the driveway to wash it.
I can't stand those people...think they're so smug...

My wife is going to love this thread. She thinks weird things are cute, which explains why we've been married for two years.

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