Monday, June 26

I Want A Suburban Home.

Old and busted.
Old and Busted - Current location of CDP Headquarters.

New hotness.
New Hotness - Future location of CDP Headquarters.

We're moving, you see. The date is September 1.

Location-wise, this place is less than a block away from our old one, which allows us to stay in our retirement community neighborhood and remain the youngest couple on the grid. I like that.

The decision to move was an absolute no-brainer. I'm not going to ramble on about the upgrades and whatnot, just assume that everything in the new place is probably bigger and better than everything in the old place. The damage? Less than $50 a month more than our old loft. Scandal!

And get this, full basement. I'm already shopping around for pool tables and tiki bars.

The place used to be inhabited by a retired widow who decided to up and move to a smaller place in her old age. She took amazing care of it; although we'll have to spend hundreds to remove the 'old lady' smell from the carpeting. These particular locations seldom open up, so we jumped on the first chance to rent something that at least vaguely resembled an actual house.

We have a yard! A yard that I don't have to mow!

New hotness.

This will be the view from my kitchen window. I've never had a kitchen window before.

Me and the Missus have a lot of work to do up until that point. We've already hired movers to haul over our bigger items, and we're taking a week off of work to properly settle in thereafter. We're shopping for a new bed, and are looking into creative ways to make the basement rock properly. I can assure you that once we're all set up, I'll throw the mother of all housewaming parties, and you won't even have to bring gifts.

Until then, I'll be watching The Burbs and carefully packing boxes.

New hotness.

What do you have to say about it? Sound off in the comments section, and enjoy your Monday.

Nice. Congrats and all that.
Thank you, sir.
I'm jealous of people with basements. Noone here has basements because there's too much rock in the ground, and it's way too expensive to excavate it. So only houses that are built on the side of a steep hill have basements. It makes me so angry.
So are you renting the whole house, or just part of it?
Aaron, if you look at the photo, we're renting the bottom half. That includes the garage and the basement.

Paste, I know what you mean about basements. I used to live in a town with massive bedrock; they had to use dynamite every time they wanted to dig deeper than a foot.
Actually, it's half of the bottom half we're renting.
That's why I asked...there's four mailboxes in that picture, so I assumed it couldn't be the whole house, but you didn't say otherwise...

You really ought to come visit me before you move. It's only fair.
Yeah, we're renting the part that you can see; it extends back for another unit on the other side.

There's got to be sometime in July where we can spend the day in Milwaukee. I'll check with the Missus.
Didn't you move about a block last time? You do realize that you're slowly throwing yourself into the heart of Madison. Just give it another 40 years.
That's one of the things I like most about my location. I'm about 5 minutes from the heart of Madison, only I still get to have a pond.
Of course you need 4 mailboxes. You'll need that for the sheer amount of CDP fan mail.
Yup, I rented the other side of the house just to store all the unsold merch. Bobbleheads, thongs, etc.
Unrelated note... David Bazan's (Pedro the Lion) new EP is out, I think you'd probably appreciate the song Backwoods Nation. I don't necessarily agree with the politics, but I like the song.
Wow, Mr. Bazan sounds pretty angry. He's always been pretty upset though, right?

I used to listen to a lot more Christian music than I used to (I'm not catagorizing David's music, this just reminded me of something), and I've always been aware of the complete disdain, sarcasm and anger that these artists have for hypocrites that just don't 'get it.' I think it's healthy, because just like any other belief or lifestyle, there are 'good' people and 'bad' people. The bad people always ruin it for the good people.

I honestly don't know what I'm getting at, I just think it's neat, regardless of where you stand.
"I used to listen to a lot more Christian music than I used to"

See, this is what happens when you try to say something intelligent at 6:30am.
You're starting to sound like me. "Life riddle"
You are a Life Riddle.
It looks amazing guys! Way to go!

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