Friday, June 16

Stop Playing My Songs.

Lulu Eightball.

Lulu Eightball is, in my correct opinion, the funniest female-written cartoon on the planet. Emily Flake is a genius, and I emplore you to check out her previous comics and enjoy them heartily. They're sometimes a wee bit profane and the humor is black as night, but chances are that if you enjoy the CDP, you'll appreciate the humor of Lulu Eightball.

CDP Post #400 is just around the corner, and I'll be collecting various quotes and sound bites from the last 200 posts in honor of this event. If that wasn't exciting enough, Monday's my second wedding anniversary with the Missus. I think I have to buy her something that contains cotton.

Sound off in the comments section and have a good weekend.

Some of those are really funny.
Yes they are. The way she writes dialogue is brilliant. Inserting awkward pauses with perfect timing is hard enough in a screenplay or TV show, let alone a quarter of a panel. If I could do that, I'd be a full-time cartoonist, and drop this 'essay' racket for good.
_entire_ marketing plan... ha ha ha
Mr. T!

I'm watching this at 4:30am, and felt the need to post something about it.
Ha! And there's a chinese guy named "Thong"!

Mr. T is a worse voice actor than regular actor.
Sometime last year, we discussed the Mr. T educational video entitled "Be Someone, Or Be Someone's Fool!" It included the smash hit "Treat Your Mother Right."

I just wanted to let everyone know that it's still funny.
Mr. T is an actor? I thought A-Team was a documentary.
That was the funniest comment of the week. Take a bow.

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