Friday, July 7

Please Don't Make Me Steal You.

I've got three bits of news for you today. Savor them, for they are so tender they could be cut with a spoon.

A Million Microphones.

1. The band is called Supersystem, the album is called A Million Microphones, and it'll be rocking your face off on August 22. Consider yourself warned.

2. All next week, the CDP is celebrating its 400th Post. The event is so monumental, it's going to last for five days. Check back every day for a trip down recent memory lane, and delight in my witty and insightful writing. You deserve it, because you're a good person.

3. Next Saturday, me and the Missus will be traveling to the almost nonexistent town of Dundee, to partake in UFO Daze 2006. Dundee prides itself in being 'The UFO Capitol Of The World,' so I had to see for myself. I'll be bringing my video camera and eating grilled cheese, so you know what that means.

Sound off in the comments section and tell me what you're up to.

MONDAY - Post #400 (Part I)
TUESDAY - Post #400 (Part II)
WEDNESDAY - Post #400 (Part III)
THURSDAY - Post #400 (Part IV)
FRIDAY - Post #400 (Part V)

Sweet. I knew Supersystem was working on a new album, but I hadn't heard anything about a release date yet. I'm excited for it...when they were El Guapo they were kind of all over the place. Now they're really nailed down what they're trying to do and they're doing it well.

Can you really have five post #400's? Wouldn't that be posts 400-404 in actuality? or maybe 396-400? Either way, you're milking it out. It better be good with all this hype.
In theory, it will be Post #400-#404, but it's really just one huge post. Back when I did Post #200, I spanned it out over the course of three days because I had so much stuff; this time around, I have even more.
Supersystem = Good.

If the CDP were to ever have a theme song, it would probably be 'Defcon.'
Yeah. That song is amazing. One of my favorite parts is the bass player just shouting the words and drawing them out longer than everyone else. In the "Norad" part, everyone else is singing the whole line and he's just going "iiiiiiiis." If you see them live, he's not even playing an instrument during the song, he's just dancing around and shouting random backup vocals. Hilarious.
I watched the Simpsons last night, and on the opening credits, they jumped a shark on a motorcycle on the way to the couch.

Damn you CDP, for making me think of you at such awkward moments.
For all the things that are good about Supersystem, I think people overlook their vocal patterns and melodies. It's hard enough to write a decent instrument part, let alone a three-part vocal line.

RJ, I'm glad you saw the Simpsons and thought of me. Usually, everything I see reminds me of the Simpsons, so I'm flattered. You should listen to Dragonforce.

Also, your little friend should be on TV tonight. Last week, he came stumbling out from under the ring drinking a Guinness. Then he threw a can over to one of the announcers and dissappeared again. I laughed pretty hard.
When is that on? It's cool to see people you know on TV and it sounds like what he's doing is pretty hilarious.
It's on UPN tonight from 7-9pm. Local listings may differ. I know for a fact that he'll be on sometime tonight.
Hm. Someday I'll have to catch him on there. Probably not tonight though.
Supersystem. You people are funny.

You should watch tonight, as the Sexiest Tag-Team Alive London and Kendrick might be on there!!!
They are sexy, that's very true.

I'm pretty jazzed about UFO Daze. The city is about 85 miles away from home, so I don't know what we're going to do about lodging. We could drive home, but I think it goes until midnight or something.
Supersystem. You people are funny.

I'm sure whatever you're listening to right now is so much superior.
She's listening to a CD I made of myself doing Prince tunes, so yeah, it is superior.
If it's anything like that Nondor Nevai/The Restaurants thing, I'm sure it is. If you haven't heard that, look into it. I'm not sure how much you can find about it, but a friend of mine burned it for me. It's pretty ridiculous.
Oh, dear.

Reminds me of the Shaggs.
Have you heard it? A few of the song's he's singing over Stryper songs, only changing the lyrics. Example:

Stryper: "Jesus is your friend"
Restaurants: "SATAN! is your friend"

Or something like that. You get the idea.
I'd much rather hang out with Jesus than Satan. Apart from the obvious reasons, I think that Jesus would smell better and know where all the good restaurants are.
think that Jesus would smell better and know where all the good restaurants are.

Plus, you'd never run out of wine.
Oh, and there's a Dundee, Oregon, too. Podunk little town on the way to the coast. Not sure of the amount of alien activity, however.
I think our Dundee is a lot like your Dundee, only with slightly more anal probing.
You've obviously never been to rural Oregon. Sure, you always think of the sophisticated Portland when you think of Oregon, but most of this state is nothing but rural backwoods. In fact, I found out that Oregon is the 9th biggest state, and most of it is total Deliverance country...
Oh, and stop stealing post titles from me. My first real blog post ever was titled Please don't make me shower. Thief.

(There's your clickable link, you whiners.)
Oregon sounds like Wisconsin. Sure, everyone automatically assumes that Wisconsin is just as rad as Madison all over the place, but...okay, nobody thinks that at all.

Let it be known that I don't complain about HTML. Let it be known!

Well, you know, after 400 of these bad boys, you're bound to start semi-plagarizing at some point.
Well, if you don't stop it, it will change from "Todd's Cavalcade of Whimsy" to "Todd's Cavalcade of Copyright Lawyers."

I'm watching you.
I imagined you pointing at your computer screen and squinting your eyes when you said that. It was pretty funny.

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