Tuesday, August 22

The CDP Webstore!

Free balloons for the kids!

After 2.5 years, the merch has finally arrived. Click on the above banner to be instantly transported to a land of CDP goodness. Shirts, hats, stickers, novetly totes; it's all here at the CDP Webstore!

See something you like? Buy it! Have an idea for something you want? Let me know and I'll make it for you. Simple as that. Check it out and sound off in the comments section; feedback is greatly appreciated.

Personally, I'm buying one of everything, and I suggest you do the same. Thank you for your support.

-The CDP.

Wow. Just wow.
I dig it the most. Expect an order from me as soon as I recover the money that was removed from my account by the guy who wound up with my debit card last week.
Fan-damn-tastic! That's what I like to hear. I hope there's something for everyone in there.

Sorry about the debit card thing, though. Getting personal information and funds stolen is one of the most annoying things that can ever happen to a person.

I'll be helping myself to a few items, as well. Buttons, coasters, a few shirts; it's all good.
You should send your new nephew a CDP bib! Everything looks great, of course I will get something. More pictures for you, check your mail.
The Official Spokesbaby of the CDP never has to pay for merch. I'll make sure he's properly equipped with swag before he hits the public speaking circuits. Gotta get the word out!
I added 12 more products, just in case anyone wants a CDP BBQ Apron.
Luckily, no identity theft with the debit card. A bartender switched my card and another guy's card when I closed out my tab, and neither of us realized it until 2 days later when I tried to use an ATM and my PIN number didn't work. Unfortunately, the guy with my card is a much bigger spender than I am. The cash should be restored by Friday.
If there's one cool thing about losing your card, the multi-billion dollar companies have absolutely no problem restoring your cash. It's almost a 'no questions asked' thing nowadays.

For years, I've been thinking of a foolproof credit card theft scheme, but I'm too scared to try it out.
As have I. I also recently cooked up a scheme to make a quick few hundred bucks involving Girl Scout cookies, but I need a little girl in on it with me to make it look legit, and I can't figure out a way to put a wanted ad in the local papers without getting arrested.
Try CraigsList. You wouldn't even come close to having the creepiest ad on there.
That sounds like a challenge.
Heh-heh. Well, in that case...

RJ, I got your package in the mail. You simply rule, thanks a million.
'Twas a very pleasant gift you sent, RJ.
Ryan, maybe you should mail Little Bastard a CDP T-shirt. Mail one to Paul London while you're at it.
That's stalking, little lady, and I refuse to partake in it.
I don't think sending him t-shirts qualifies as stalking. Unless you're sending the shirts from his backyard or something.
I'm not sending anyone anything. Besides, it's sort of hard to reach someone that's on the road for 250 days out of the year.
It won't be hard to reach him if I STALK him, duh...
She's got a point.
I spent more time than I should have on this, so I'd appreciate it if you'd at least look at it.
I was actually coming on to ask you about that. I'm well aware that I rule. Now I just need to order a CDP hoodie for the chilly fall season. Woot!

Haven't been online enough lately..
You should offer a CDP thong. I'd wear it.
The designs weren't working quite right on the CDP Thong, and quite frankly, I didn't want to invest time into something that nobody would buy.

Of course, if you want to buy something like that, let me know. I also want people to send me pictures of themselves with whatever it is that they bought from me, because I'm a ghoul.

I also like the idea that I have stickers and buttons to send people that donate money and send me nice things. So, if you want free stuff, send me money, or something like that.
Aaron, that mock-poster is great.

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